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  1. 20 hours ago, CraigT82 said:

    You could try shooting a phone video instead of stills.  Should be able to convert the video file to an AVI or something that can be stacked in autostakkert?

    Exactly what I have done. Took some video files- converted to AVI. Unfortunately autostakkert looks ridiculously complicated once I opened it up. Will have to learn how to do it.

  2. On 17/04/2020 at 04:35, CraigT82 said:

    Nice work phase clearly showing, maybe a little overexposed?

    Hi Craig. Had a go with Venus last night. Used 120x with 2x Barlow.

    Set it up with a smartphone adaptor and reduced the ISO to 50 and kept messing about with the shutter. At about 1/100 the brightness was taken away leaving a dull image which seemed to show the planet best. Is there anything else I can do to try and pick it up better? 

  3. 55 minutes ago, Ags said:

    It's a flare stare, so I expect the spikes are flares. Which is not good news for the  planets in the habitable zone - they will be bathed in powerful X-rays during flares.

    TRAPPIST-1 can be detected by a small telescopes, but probably not visually! TRAPPIST is the name of 60cm telescope, so the original discovery of 3 planets was made with a relatively modest mirror, but I guess the CCD wasn't exactly cheap!


    To put it differently, TRAPPIST-1 has an apparent magnitude of around 19. My NexStar 4SE can see stuff down to around Mag 11, and every 2.5 increase in aperture adds two visual magnitudes to that. So 10" should let me see 13th mag, 25" would get me to 15th mag, 60" would get me to 17th mag... so no, an amateur scope is not going to make this a visual target. 


    Thanks for that.

    Never thought of flares. Wouldnt the flares be a lot weaker coming from a smaller star? Would any atmosphere in the planets deflect the xrays?

  4. Just been out. Only for 15 mins as the dew was bad and the clouds were starting to roll over. Missed the GRS but the bands were looking decent.


    Quick question on the moons.. how come Callisto was out of line with the rest of them? I thought they were always all in a line?

  5. 3 minutes ago, GrahamNW said:

    Same here in  NW uk. 

    I have never before seen planetary colour like the GRS tonight. Superb clear skies even with that moon washing things out. Jupiter was worh being a scope for alone this evening.

    Was brilliant wasnt it? Amazed at seeing colour on a planet. Never thought my scope would be capable!!


    My fingers are warming up now and I best get to bed for a 6:30am start!



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  6. First night out with the scope this year and WOW best one yet.

    Jupiter had been slowly coming over the trees at the back of the house over the last month and at 8pm I could already see it through the trees next to a stunning full moon so decided to wait until 11pm to get the scope out. Even better I checked my JoveMoons app and the GRS was due out at perfect time all evening!

    Lined up Jupiter (first time since the summer) and probably since the scope hadnt warmed up yet the disc was very blurry.. slowly but surely it got better and better until WOW GRS visible in all its glory and whats this? Colour!!? Bright orange in the spot. Yep first time in my life I was seeing planetary colour with my own eyes. Amazing. And the detail was so good you could even see the creamy-white circle around the spot.


    Blown away tonight. Anyone else see the GRS tonight? 

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  7. 11 hours ago, woodblock said:

    I'm new too. One thing I'm learning quickly is that you have to be comfortable while observing. I have a dobsonian so the eyepiece is at the top end. A lot of the time I have to stoop to get to the eyepiece it gets uncomfortable after a while. I haven't solved this yet. I did see on this website someone recommended a seat (from FLO) where you can adjust the height but it's quite expensive. I thought about trying to adapt an old office chair.



    I got lucky with this. The garden chairs I have have quite high armrests. I can sit on one of these and its at a good height for the eyepiece. Not the most comfy but it does the job.

  8. On 1/29/2016 at 01:06, Hadron said:

    I know I'm new here but having been out the last couple of nights with my new scope (Skywatcher 200p on an eq5) I still find it absolutely awe inspiring to just look up and take in the heavens with a naked eye. When you think about what you're seeing it just blows my mind, I already have a reputation for standing in the dark looking in to space and in that respect my new found enthusiasm for stargazing might not do me any favours :help: but hell am I going to enjoy myself! I'm already planning a diy observatory (my wife thinks it's going to be a shed to store the little ones toys in, how naive :angel9: )

    You've got the bug. Yep i'm always amazed when its a clear night. No-one really quite lets it sink in what they are looking at- people are too caught up in their own lives on Earth. 

    The big shame is the light pollution. I wish I lived in rural areas.

  9. Hi everyone

    I'm a space and astronomy fan from Durham uk. Just on here to share things I see and to get information on astrological events and stuff.

    Hi mate.. im a Wearsider living on Tyneside. Welcome.

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