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  1. Just brought a Phaze 4 in 1 off ebay cheaper than at halfords and used it for first time last night on my goto, was out for 4 hours and indicating it is still fully charged . its the same as this one http://www.halfords.com/motoring-travel/tools-diy/jump-leads/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter
  2. yeah i did read around on here before i ordered it does seem like i have a good scope for the money. i have allso read around now on this forum about bst EP`s, lol i need one now. They look like really comfy clear clean wideangle eyepieces so will def be my next buy has i can keep them if at some time i upgrade to another scope
  3. Btw what does BST meen, is it a brand or type of lense ( may sound silly but i have no idea )
  4. i do have stellarium i allso have a planisphere, i did read the 10mm is poor has it is allso a erecting EP. a 8mm or 6mm does sound like a good start to see saturn with the 10 being poor
  5. bah i pressed enter on second post by misstake and can`t edit I was gonna put my primary viewing targets will be planets, but am interested in nebula too, i know this won`t be the best scope for this, but is all i could aford and i couldn`t wait longer to get a scope, cos i can`t wait to get out there viewing.
  6. Hi People, I finally have got myself a Telescope after years of thinking astronomy was only for the rich and thinking a goodish scope would be completly out of any budget i would have. The telescope i have ordered is a Celstron astromaster 130eq-md has it is what i can afford atm, and has good reviews for that sort of price range, cheapest i found it was of all places Curry`s/Pc world of all places in UK @ £139 delivered My question is, what sort of upgrades should i be looking at, i have limited budget on upgrades of spending say £40 a month so what should i buy first for that sort of money and what to get next after that. I will make a list and source best prices and hopefully get said upgrades asap Thanks in advance for all help i recieve
  7. I did buy these bins about a month ago, they really are not 40x seems more like about 8x to me the viewing is actually clear i was surprised. still selling them though lol and going back to my trusted 10x50 30year old bins
  8. A friend of mine brought a nickon coolpix p900 on release last week £499 what a great piece of kit for the point and click astro photgrapher. i had a quick go of it and took a few moon pics, came out very well has i literally was just pointing a clicking, no tripod. Have no idea how good this would be on a tripod and using manual settings for iso/timings etc but was impressed on auto just pressing a button. a few of the features it has Capture details not visible to the naked eye with the 83x NIKKOR zoom lens - extendable to 166x Dynamic Fine ZoomBack-illuminated 16MP CMOS image sensor enables clear, richly detailed images which are easy to achieve, even at nightGet fast and detailed location information with GPS/GLONASS/QZSS international satellite systems tracking your routeShare images anywhere, using the one-touch Wi-Fi button ot tapping the NFC enabled camera to a smart device.Full HD movies have high-quality directional sound, as the Zoom microphone changes direction to match how you operate the zoom
  9. Hi i am new here registered just now cos i needed a fix for this too and after much searching i found a fix, i found if you are using windows 8, 8.1 you will need to install x264vfw to get registax to work. not sure if this can fix older versions of windows but mine is working fine now after a few days of searching the net. Hope it helps others new to stargazing
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