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  1. Hi folks. Has anyone used the above togetherfor basic milky way photos? If so can you post some pics? Camera settings or general advise? Thanks.
  2. Hi folks. Has anyone used these two together for basic things like Milky Way? Any pics/setting tips or advise would be great. Thanks
  3. Yeah i read about the hinge position and that so i could try it roughly. im really after milky way images just now. should get good ones of that surely? im up on the north coast of Scotland so theres plenty darkness up here
  4. No havent got it set at all. will probably need some tips on that too haha. overall quite happy with the build of it though and quite exited for using it
  5. Hi all, having now completed making my first Scotch Mount . have a afew questions. What can i achieve with it? How long an exposure can i take to give me a good image. Camera settings. (Lenses - 18-55mm 3.5, Nikon 35mm 1.8, Sigma 10-20 not sure on the f.stop) Any pictures of it been used and results would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'll be using 35mm 1.8. My thoughts were if I'm going to be shooting the sky with my lens wide open for 20mins say, what would my results be? Clear sharp stars or really bright over exposed shot?
  7. Having now constructed a scotch mount all i need now is a ball head for my camera. Any advise on these would be appreciated. Also going back to the scotch mount, (this may sound rediculously stupid) but now i can take longer exposures. but how long? i was under the impression that if i took say a 20 minute exposure i would have just a white picture? Not sure i understand. thanks
  8. I'm right at the top of scotland where there is no light haha. What settings do you recommend for the 35mm
  9. Hi folks I'm new to the forum so any help would be appreciated here. I have a great interest in the night sky and taking photos. Although my equipment is very basic. Nikon d3100 18-55 kit lens, 35mm 1.8 lens, tripod, remote shutter. I am currently in the process of making a scotch mount. So far I'm not really getting great images of the Milky Way which I thought would be fairly straight forward with the right settings. I haven't tried stacking any images yet. My question is how do I get nice clear images? Stacking? Is the Milky Way as much as I can photograph with that equipment? What would be next after Milky Way and what is the next step equipment wise? Loads of questions for you guys to answer. Thanks. Sam
  10. Thanks guys. Already seeing that this is a great page with some top advice/help. Yea Dave Lloyd it's an 18-55 f3.5 I think. Tried some Milky Way shots but there isn't enough detail coming out at 3.5. Haven't tried stacking yet so that sounds like a good plan as does the mount. In terms of objects in the night sky I'm pretty limited at the moment am i? If yes is the answer to that, what equipment should I look at next? Thanks
  11. Hello all. Im glad to be joining this community as i can definatly learn alot from it. My first question is this. i only have very basic equipment a nikon d3100 with kit lens, 35mm 1.8 lens, tripod and remote cable release. i was wondering what my night sky limits are in relation to imaging with this gear Thanks again Sam
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