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  1. Thank you for the quick replies, My dad has a few decent sets of binoculars and a weird monocular too (a little hand held thing he uses for bird watching) PeeceeTal2M mentioned a tal1vnewtonian scope.. Would it be worth the cost or would the binoculars be better? (Sorry I don't know what binoculars he currently has) Also, one possibility is that I get him something as a joint present with other family members, if I did this, do you know of anything that would be a step up from binoculars and a decent telescope for him to use? I don't mean to sound obsessed about getting a telescope, I just want to improve his experience Thank you again
  2. Hi everyone, Over the last year or 2, my dad has developed an interest in space/planets/stars and things. (He loves Brian Cox and all his shows too lol) Well it's his birthday in just over 1 month and I would like to get him a telescope... Iv tried researching about what to look for and the different types of scope, however I don't really understand any of it... I know there are different scopes such as reflectors and refractors and I have read many things about these but I still don't understand, is one of these types of scope better than the other for viewing a particular thing? My budget may seem quite small at £70.. But I have seen telescopes (refractors/reflectors) on ebay and amazon well within this budget. Such as: Celestron Powerseeker 76/700 Reflector Telescope Skywatcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope And Danubia Pluto Refractor Astro Telescope Does anyone know, are these any good? It will probably be used for seeing planets and comets and the moon, maybe stars and star clusters Or could anyone recommend any other telescope? I appreciate any advice anyone can give Thank you Rob
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