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  1. skywatcher mounts are not very portable have a look at astro track my be beter if you want to image the skys
  2. slr bud for starting out you will get more satisfaction when you get a colour image pop up on your camera its easyer it takes less time to get good results they are cheaper you get the best fov for you money thins also makes tracking easyer they are no were near as complex as ccd to use i would go for a nice small apo refactor between 80 and 100mm and a eq6 skywatcher mount thats just my personal view though this is what i manage with a set up abit like above
  3. if you do find using a finder scope hard i would get a red dot finder the regel is good i dont get on well with the finder so i uses the rdf then uses the finder scope to center the object im looking for in the eye piece get a copy of the pocket sky atlas well help you get round the sky good luck
  4. i would go fo the 6" skywatcher dob its very portable also with any scope you buy you need to upgrade your eye pieces to get the most out of the scope you could get the skywatcher plosse 20 quid each and have a nice set up my brother has this and the views are very good on dso and planets so good all rounder
  5. what would be the best way to make one for a skywatcher 14" dob and what material will i need thanks toby
  6. ive got housing out side for it so im sorted there i will have a look at the uwans thanks bud
  7. im waving my white flag at imaging now and im going to obs and maybe have a go at sketching ive a limit of a 2 grand budgit for gear i all ready have 2 nice william optic ep s 20mm and 9mm though im willing to upgrade to televue if money is spare i was looking at the 14" skywatcher flex tube as it looks portable aswell as a good size i have some questions though looking at images of the scope it is only held up with 3 bars puting the due sheild round how do i prevent from obstructing the mirror hope this makes sence any where i can buy one and advice of idea of other scopes would be good thanks also what ep would be good with this size scope thanks toby
  8. lol im quite a sad person lol though i like the kats cradle and kats wiskers im gonna have to go with ssdsoc love it lol
  9. thanks for the replys ive not taken flats only bias and darks what the easyest way to take flats thanks guys
  10. still aint got one lol thanks for all the idea guys
  11. not the best though not got my kit up and running properly no guiding on the 70 wo so only 60 sec subs and about atotal of 40 min in lum though im happy i finaly got some thing after all this cloud and advice would be welcome any idea on the smuge on top thanks
  12. had a play bud could do with more data
  13. wow thats fantastic bud love all the dust
  14. Misti Mountain Observatory - Astronomy Pages
  15. ive not been imaging for some time now due to problems hear , so well ive been out of action i have been trying to inprove my processing skills. ive not much of my own data to play with i asked on the forum if anyone didnt mind me play with there data,a forum member pointed me to this internet shttp://www.mistisoftware.com/astronomy/index.htm ite to my surprise the raw data on this site is fantasic imaged using a 32"scope, and is there to download to play with ( like a kid in a toy store ) i downloaded a fue images to play with and could not help but share my results as im quite pleased to anyone else like me who is learning the dark art i would recomed this site and it worth just looking any coments welcome thanks for looking toby
  16. his 32" even impressed the mrs and she has no interest in astro stuff lol
  17. never done this befor though ive some lrgb data to play with in ps how do i open in ps as it wrong kind of doc not sure what to do thanks
  18. would some one be so kind as to let me have some data to play with as ive not been able to image for a fue month and would like to play with some fresh data if thats ok need to practice some new tecs im learning thanks toby
  19. the best i could get your colour seems week im not sure why i had to use saturation alot to get this amout of colour data
  20. had a play though i could not get good colour result had a quick play hope you like you have capured some good detail well done can you post the raw plz
  21. thats a corker bud is that 4 hr each filter
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