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  1. Oops sorry, realised I called you Nebula when your username is Hackleby. Still getting used to where the names & ranks are!
  2. Thanks for the reply Nebula! Not late to the party at all, I'm still reading a lot of stuff so any advice is still super helpful. After your recommendation I've had a look at quite a few reviews, videos, images etc of that scope and I've added it to my short list. Looks pretty decent and seems like I'll be able to take quite a few half decent pics, and upgrade it later if need be. I'm using a Sony A6000 right now which is a really lightweight camera compared to a lot of SLRs, so it shouldn't impact too much on the weight. I've added a T-ring to my Amazon wish list too. Seems like it'd save me
  3. Thanks for the reply kens. From all of the replies and reading around a lot more this morning, it feels like maybe my best option with a "beginner budget" is to get something I can use visually, and literally just play around with in terms of photography, even if that's just photos of the moon for now (I do quite like the moon). I've managed to take some pretty decent photos just with my camera and tripod, and I realise astrophotography is a steep learning curve and quite expensive if you want good results. Luckily I do have a sensitive camera with high ISO capabilities, and I'm used to stacki
  4. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I mainly want to see some stuff a bit closer up, and take a few photos. It doesn't matter hugely at this stage if the photos aren't the best in the world, to be honest I'd be happy with some photos of the moon and Saturn right now. I use a 200mm Tamron at the moment and I quite like the photos it gives me, but I'd like to see things a bit closer. It's not a case of saving up or anything, it's more that I don't know what I'm doing so wouldn't want to dive into spending thousands straight away. I thought since I had a £200 voucher I could start cheap and get
  5. Just seen your reply Qualia, thanks for that! I've been reading quite a lot the last couple of days (I take information in pretty quickly), and I've been meaning to jump into this for years and years, so rather than procrastinate any further I'd like to buy something, and then I have some equipment to play with while I read more and figure out what the hell I'm doing. At the very least I'll have something I can look through, even if it's not a very good AP setup.
  6. Thanks for the replies and links once again, some lovely photos in that thread. I can definitely stretch to £300. I mainly just wanted to use the £200 voucher to buy a scope that I can play with and learn with, since it's £200 that I got for free so it's either buy a scope or waste it on something silly. I'd definitely be looking to upgrade in a year or so judging by what it seems you can do with quite a modest budget, and looking at the photos in the thread Charic linked! The photo below is about as close as I can get to anything with my current setup, so any improvement on that would be awes
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, and thanks for the link! Yeah I'm stuck with Amazon for now because of the voucher. Since I don't really buy things from Amazon I thought I'd buy a scope with it. I'm really just looking for anything around that price that tracks objects so they don't just appear as streaks when doing longer exposures. Since I've never done astrophotography before, besides through zoom lenses on my cameras, I'd just like something entry level. I'd be looking to spend more in a year or two once I have of an idea of what I'm doing. I've been looking at this one which seems to be a s
  8. Thanks for the reply, but I think you may have read my budget wrong! Just to clarify I have a £200 Amazon voucher, but I can add a little extra if there's a better option for a bit more money. I've been looking at telescopes between around £160-£260 on Amazon but it's still very confusing as to what would be best, specifically for photography. Any help would be great!
  9. Just registered here so hi! I'm looking to buy a beginner's setup for viewing and photographing the night sky. I have a £200 Amazon voucher sitting here so that's roughly what my budget is. I'd like something motorised that tracks objects and that I can put my digital SLR onto since I have a decent camera. I'd love to be able to finally get my foot on the astronomy ladder and take some nice photos at the same time. I've been reading a lot over the last couple of days and quite frankly it's still a bit confusing, so any recommendations of telescopes or information on how best to attach a camer
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