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  1. As a child I was amazed with the pictures of the stars and planets. Now many years later, I am no less awe struck. A truly beautiful picture. Well done!
  2. The thumb screw on my RA setting circle doesn't lock the circle. I've hand tightened it as hard as I can yet the circle still moves when I adjust the RA slow motion cable. Anyone ever have this experience or advice on how to repair. It's not really a major issue but I would like to use the circles at some point to find objects. This is an Orion 130st telescope equatorial mount. Thanks
  3. Why does everyone consider aliens to be a collective group from another planet. Our own planet is made up of many different countries and cultures. If aliens landed in North Korea they would have a totally different perspective than if they had landed in Sydney, Australia. What if we landed in a war zone on another planet, not realizing that the rest of the planet was beautiful and peaceful. What would we think? Couldn't aliens also have different cultures, mores, and taboos? Some could be friendly, some suspicious, and others down right nasty.
  4. is that an exaggerated parabola. You know how a mathematician scolds his children? If I told you n, i told you n+1 times... The bartender says, "We don't serve time travelers in here." A time traveler walks in to a bar.
  5. Right now it is in the west next to Jupiter. I am in Albany, NY at 42 latitude and can view it low in the sky for approx 1hr before it dips below the horizon. Not a very good view of Venus at this time. Several nights ago it was only partially illuminated. Jupiter however was visible as were 3 of its moons. Pretty surprising considering how low to the horizon it is. At your latitude I don't believe it is visible as the sun is still out. You should check out Stellarium it is a great help for viewing and finding stars. Good luck
  6. Well thanks guys. I barely just decided what barlow lens to buy and now found out I need another scope! I'm going back to golf, its easier to decide on what club to use over what scope to use
  7. Thanks for the post I no longer have to feel guilty about waiting for spring to get outside. It has been brutally cold here!
  8. Okay I just learned what a powermate is and their advantages over a Barlow lens. I found a retailer that has 2.5x and 5x televue powermates. They both sell for $205.00 USD. I probably wouldn't notice any difference with my current telescope Orion 130st between the barlow and the powermate. However, I assume if I should move to a more advanced telescope I would be better off with higher quality lenses. I keep reading that beginners often get caught up in the magnification of an object and actually get worse results. Like most beginners I immediately want the 5x powermate because it's the same price. If i get the 5x and use it with my 25mm that would give an effective x125 lens. If used with the 10mm lens this puts me well passed the theoretical maximum magnification of this telescope. So it would seem in my circumstance I would be better off with the 2.5x powermate assuming that in the future I would want a higher quality lens for a higher quality telescope.
  9. My 10 mm lens gives me X65 magnification. A 2x barlow lens will put me right in the range you recommend. I dont know what a powermate is, so off to Google I go thanks for all your replies
  10. It has been ridiculously cold in the north east U.S. wind chills down to -40F at times. I'm a fair weather beginner and can't wait to get out with my scope. Does extreme cold cause any damage to your equipment (I'm talking about the scope ) Do you have to take any special precautions to protect it? Will it cause you to have to collimate more frequently?
  11. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I do not live in a desert area and am approximately 15 mi from a large city. I will try a Barlow first and hopefully have good results. My 10mm works great, and I can see Jupiter very clearly albeit at this magnification its not very detailed. I would like to get a good view of one of its moons in transit while it is this close to earth.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm happy to see so many new members at this site. It makes me feel more welcome. So many of you are from colder climates it makes me feel sort of wimpy. While here in the north east of the U.S. it has been especially cold, it usually doesn't last long. What is the coldest temperature (in F if you know it. If not i'll do the conversion from C), you have ever braved to set up your scope and sky watch. For background info: I'm a beginner just learning some useful constellations to navigate. I'm mostly interested in planetary observation, but enjoy a good nebula. I have an Orion 130 st with 10 and 25 mm lenses (If any one has this scope what is your favorite combination of lenses?) Bye for now, hope to hear from many of you soon.
  13. I'm so glad this question was asked. I'm new to astronomy and just got a good beginner scope. It's an Orion 130st. The scope comes with 10 mm and 25 mm lenses. The maximum useful magnification of this telescope is 260x. For planetary observation I would like to use a higher magnification than I currently have. I have been thinking of purchasing a 2 and 3x barlow lens, but I could also buy a 3mm and 5mm lens. Which will give me the best results? The scope has a 650mm focal length so the 3 mm would approach the max useful magnification, but still leave me a little buffer room. So to condense this question; with this scope will I notice any difference between using a Barlow lens or a new lens giving the same magnification?
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