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  1. Yes £132 is a bargain. Question: I have heavy lenses for my other telescopes, what can you recommend for the skywatcher heritage 130? My heavy lenses would throw it out of collimation. The two that come with it are ok but would like some other suggestions please.
  2. Thank you First Light Optics for getting my scope to me so soon. Last night looked at Mars and Saturn using a 2X Barlow (celestron) and got beautiful views. Mars and Saturn with the 10mm and 2X Barlow were very clear. Could see detail on both planets and the position of Saturn made it tilt look lovely. Can't recommend this scope enough. Will be using it more than my 10inch Dob as a pick up and go scope.
  3. They are good value for the money as well. Very light and easily movable. They do take a while to cool down. All the best Ken.
  4. Mars was bright and the moon was behind some trees so decided to get my Dob out and have a quick look at Mars using 23mm, 8mm and 7mm lens. Having waited a good 30 mins for the scope to cool down I still have to say I was disappointed. There appeared to be a flare effect around the Planet and the detail was poor. However I was determined to get a good look at Mars. Out came my Skywatcher 127 Mak with my binoviewers!! All I can say is WOW. Clear, Crisp image, lots of detail against an obvious pink background. The Mak was the clear winner tonight for planetary observation.
  5. I have two telescopic instruments 1 ) a 127 Mak and and 2) a 10" Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope. I find with Planets my 127 Mak gives me better and sharper images than my reflector while the reflector gives me much better light and detail looking at deep sky objects. I guess you need both although if I had to keep one it would be the reflector as an old rounder. Last night Jupiter was a revelation through my 127 Mak especially with the binoviewers!! I cant recommend binoviewers enough :-)
  6. Got my 10" Dob out tonight as looked at Jupiter almost overhead. Was amazed how bright and dazzling it was with all my lenses. Lovely views of the belts and moons.
  7. I couldn't get my binoviewers to work on my Dobsonian but they are amazing on my 127 Mak :-)
  8. Hi all, I did try observing Jupiter through my bedroom window through my 127 Mak using binoviewers. Was warm and cosy and did see a lot of detail. Agreed outside would be much better but its not a waste of time from indoors if you are unwell or suffer from the cold ;-)
  9. ken spencer

    Hello all

    Been away but now Im back ;-) good to see you all!!
  10. ken spencer

    Done :)

    very nice indeed
  11. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists say now to the Moon Landings LOL
  12. The hyperions are very good but to be honest Ive had more use out of my binoviewers, fantastic on the Mak 127
  13. I take some of my comments back...went back out, Mars was higher and my Mak cooler and I saw the slightly bulging white cap! and some shadowy detail
  14. Was disappointed with Mars, nothing like Saturn and Jupiter for detail. Is that Normal? Ken (nice to be back)
  15. Wixey digital angle gauge, does the scope need to be on a level surface to use it? Thanks Ken
  16. Do I need to have a level surface to use a Wixey digital angle gauge? Thanks Ken
  17. To Brantuk, does the "Wixey" angle guage. when fitted to the scope need to be on a level service first? Ken
  18. yes white I noticed more whitish than yellow recently Ken
  19. Great post, I was looking at Saturn last night, looked great through my Binoviewer s
  20. Yes when I had the 8" DOB it was a pain to collimate because I had to use a Philips screw driver. When I got the 10" DOB it has knobs that can be turned very easily and therefore the operation is quicker and much easier to do. I collimate mine every time I go out and observe. ken
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