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  1. Thanks Olly, Even binned the pixel scale is 1.14"/px which is way beyond the seeing up here in North Yorkshire on the best of nights. It seems the 10hours of luminance subs paid off in the end. It responded well to a bit of deconvolution and a light touch with the unsharp mask. I'm really quite pleased with what has been resolved in the core and the spiral arms.
  2. Thanks. I'll look into that more. I do tend to keep it neutral rather than have one side heavy. Sarge.
  3. All I really did was use the drift align to get my polar alignment to sub 1 arcmin and the run the guiding assistant for 5 mins and do what it told me to. Made a massive improvement to the RMS came down from about 0.6" to around 0.2 -0.25" Always tends to go a bit downhill after the merdian flip.
  4. It's good but I wouldn't say great. There's a fair amount of backlash and Periodic error. I bought it as part of a deal with the C11 mainly because of the payload capacity. As for RMS on the guiding I get 0.2" as standard.
  5. Mars, I'm using Celestron CGE Pro Mount on a fixed pier in an observatory. Alas the C11 with the 0.7x reducer is only 2000mm focal length and seems ok with PHD2 dialled in.
  6. Hi All, Shot this back in November 17 but only recently finished processing it. Several goes at it and never really 100% happy with it. Flaming Star Nebula, Tadpole Nebula and Spider Nebula. FSQ106 with reducer. 2 Panel Mosaic. 16x900s each of Ha, OIII and SII per panel (24 hours total) and is actually my first mosaic. All comments and suggestions most welcomed. Sarge.
  7. But I persevere nontheless.....
  8. My attempt at M101 with the C11 @F/7 with the STT-8300m and Baader filters All images 2x2 binned. 124*300s Lum 20*600s each RGB 21*600s Ha For a total of nearly 24 hours. Processed in Pixinsight. All comments and suggestions welcomed. Sarge.
  9. The only way I know how to fix them (other than discarding the subs or cloning over) is more subs and good outlier rejection.
  10. Very nice image for so little data. The one with the luminance looks a little crisper, less noise. Also first image has a slight satellite trail in it. Paul
  11. Thanks Shibby, After adding the Ha to the RGB the image got a significant blue colour to it. It seemed to feel a little unnatural to me so I toned the blue saturation down a little. I've undone that and also done a bit of star reduction. Thanks Chris. The reducer is invaluable. Imaging at nearly 2m focal length on the C11 is a pain (Never mind at the native FL). Even with the observatory anything more than a slight breeze ruins subs. So apart from the increased FOV the increase in speed is an advantage. Also helps with the image scale for me. Even Bin2 its c. 1.2"/pix Sarge
  12. Hi All, Heres my attempt at M51. C11 Edge @F/7 on STT-8300M Guided over 2 nights. All processing in Pixinsight 145 x 120s Bin2 Lum 20 x 240s Bin2 each RGB 12 x 300s Bin2 Ha Sarge
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. Pleased with this one it's a big improvement over my first Andromeda attempt a few years back. Paul.
  14. Yes I used the 0.73x reducer. I did DBE on all the greyscale masters and then again on the combined RGB after adding the Ha data. I've run 2 more instances of DBE on the final image, the first removed multiple colours and the second just red. So the background seems pretty neutral now. Following on from JemC's comment about the core being a bit too bright I've done a HDRMultiscale transform to tame it a little but limited by the fact the core has been blown out a little. Time permitting I may get some shorter exposures for the core,
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