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  1. PS have just noticed, Agnes, Astroshop says the 4 SE weighs only 4,9 kg - I must find out how they're calculating those weights ... N
  2. Thanks to everyone for the useful information. What's the difference between an SE mount and an SLT mount - what do the letters stand for? (I'm afraid I'm very ignorant!) About the weight, I'm going on the info in the technical spec pages on the Astroshop web-site - also it might be a different/newer model I suppose? The only thing with 8 SE in the name is "Celestron Schmidt-Casegrain Teleskop SC 203/2032 Nexstar 8 SE GoTo". It costs 50% more than the Sky Prodigy, which is much reduced on special offer, but of course it's 200mm not 150m - I was looking at the Sky Prodigy S-C because as Agnes points out, the Mak is only 90mm, which seems a bit small. The Meade ETX tripod weighs 5 kg, according to Astroshop. I have mailed them to ask whether "total weight" in the telescope specs includes the tripod where there one offered with it. I have a Triton FGX-1 tripod (from Astroshop) which I use wiith my bins. It weighs 3,7kg and can carry up to 11 kg and is amazingly solid. So theoretically it could carry the 10kg Sky Prodigy. But I'd need a completely different head, I suppose? Thanks again for your help, Naomi
  3. Sorry, that reply was for Agnes, I got interrupted and didn't see Ken's post until the page refreshed. I will look at the Meade ETX as well, speed of assembly is important obviously, as well as stability, but being able to move the assembled scope and mount would be good too ;-)
  4. Thanks for the tip. I have been having a look at them. The very reputable German Astroshop has a Prodigy Schmid-Cassegrain on special offer for 999 Euros and a Maksutoff for 833 euros, both including tripod, Goto, etc. etc. And the S-C only weighs 10kg, whereas the comparable 6SE weighs 18kg and the 8SE weighs 21kg. They're both more expensive than the Prodigy too, even though they're also on special offer - but they have more in the Databank and some extra accessories ... and the 8SE is just overall bigger. I'm not happy about buying 2nd hand - I could only do it on-line, there's no market here in Lux., and there's too much that can go wrong :-( Further advice much appreciated ...
  5. Does anyone know if this is any good? It's amazingly light, which really attracts me as I have mobility problems and a lot of equipment is impossibly heavy. And it's within my budget, too. But will it really give a good observing experience?
  6. Good thing we went out yesterday, the clouds are back tonight and snowon its way. Let's hope it doesn't take another 6 weeks till the next clear night :-( N
  7. We're in Luxembourg. But they're threatening snow (again!) for midweek, so I don't know how long the good conditions will last. I'm glad we got out there tonight, maybe we can go again tomorrow (fingers crossed). N
  8. First clear night for more than 6 weeks, took significant other up to a nice hill not too far from home, with tripod and bins. Glorious, in spite of the moon, showed him all sorts of stuff, real ooh-ah moment with the Pleiades - and we looked at the moon too. It was worth the frozen fingers, it's just such a marvellous way to freeze t death ;-) N
  9. Glad it's not just me! Lovely looking (w. 10x70s) at the double cluster, M31 easily found, but no comet -- well probably too much light round here. I'll perhaps drive out somewhere darker tomorrow, but I was up at 4 am to take sgnificant other to the airport, so tonight's a non-starter. Goodnight everyone. zzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Yes, I'll do that -- I guess it should go in the "observing with binoculars" section? N
  11. Yes, all's well that ends well, I guess. And next week I'm off to SW France -- wonderful light-free skies! But no Internet, so I shan't be posting until the end of the month. Thanks to everyone for comments, advice, sympathy,etc. Hope you all have great holidays with lots of clear skies N
  12. SCSAstro have been very helpful and have now supplied me with a parallelogram mount in just a few days, very quick shipping to Luxembourg via Parcelforce ;-) N
  13. I hadn't realised you could do that on Stellarium, thank you for this thread, hours more fun to come :-) N
  14. Well their performance seems to be very patchy, to say the least - I looked at the supplier reviews messages (I don't yet have enough posts to contribute to that) and some people had similar experiences to me, while others had their stuff delivered within 48 hours or so and were absolutely delighted! I certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Naomi
  15. Yes, PayPal dispute resolution really works, had a problem with a supplier in Canada (not for astro stuff), I placed the order, they charged the card via PayPal and then instead of the shipping info there was silence. After numerous unanswered mails and phone messages I took it to PayPal, and when the supplier didn't reply after 10 days PayPal refunded my card. I've no idea whether PayPal got their money back, but at least I wasn't out of pocket! N
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