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  1. Hi, As the title says, could you tell me from your experience what would be the maximum exposure time for an unmotored\untracked mount so that I won't get star trails at all? Thank you
  2. Hello, Any of you guys had the chance to hold both the IDAS D1 and the DGM NPB filters? Soon I might buy my first "nebula" filter and due to lack of cash... I can't afford to make any mistake.Also anti-LP is a quality I'm looking for. In my research I found many advocates for each of them, but I didn't find a clear comparison between these two, only that both seem to be better than the aggressive Lumicon UHC. Can you give me an advice or ... suggest some other filter from other companies? As usual, I thank you for your patience with the newbees
  3. Even in this link you provided it says: " Visual observation (urban skies): Reasonable, an UHC-E or UHC filter is more suitable " i'm a bit confused...
  4. thank you SkySurfer. But what I see on their site : http://www.astronomik.com/en/visual-filters/cls-filter.html is "Visual observation (urban skies): Good, an UHC-E or UHC filter is more suitable" so maybe I should buy the UHC instead? Also, could I get better result if I stack the UCH/CLS with the Baader Contrast Booster? And one more thing, they also say on their site, that both UHC and CLS are also good for nebulae. I was thinking to go for the DGM NPB for nebulae. Then... could the DGM help me with planets too?
  5. Hi everyone, and welcome to this new year A new... question for a new year: Any of you can suggest nice/good/best LP filter for viewing planets (not DSO's <such as DGM NPB etc.>)? As far as I have seen, the best 2 ones would be from Baader : The Neodymium and the Contrast Booster. Although they say that the filters increase the planet's contrast, I don't see much about mitigating the light pollution (mainly from artificial sources... sodium, mercury etc.) My main targets would be Jupiter & Saturn. Thank you,
  6. Thank you too, it is nice to hear it from two persons, now I can sleep well... in the first day of this new year
  7. Thank you very much Astro_Baby. Still I need to find a star-test tutorial to be sure for my comfort
  8. Well I just bought this telescope, and I am the third owner. Since I didn't know much about the collimation when I bought it, now I wanted to check it, and according to my collimation tools ( tools = collimation cap ) the secondary was too deep towards the primary and the donut was in the top-right corner.Now it's almost perfect.
  9. Astro Baby website works now, and I saw the offset part.My ratio is 5.9 ... the Newts are considered slow starting with 6.That's why I am not 100% sure it's the offset.
  10. Indeed, that is the spider.So, according to what you say, should I consider that the telescope is perfectly collimated although the reflection I speak of, is not well centered? See the new attachment with more details.
  11. Astro Baby site might be down at the moment... or maybe it's not accessible from my location.I will try later.Anyway, what I have done until now is based on other collimation tutorials.I'm only missing something regarding that focus' reflection that is "moved" to the Bottom-Right in the secondary mirror. A direct answer would also be greatly appreciated . Thank you,
  12. This is what I have obtained in one shot only, few days ago, using : ISO 200 shutter speed 1/13 camera not mounted on telescope (basically moving the camera atop the eyepiece ) no motors no stacking (don't know how to do it yet) Dob 8" + Celestron-Omni-17mm eyepiece Nikon D40 + 18-55mm lens Afterwards, I have increased just a bit the contrast on the planet, and the exposure on the moons.
  13. Hi, Last night I "collimated" my telescope (I am the third owner , and this is my first telescope/collimation process ), using only a home made collimation cap.I made great progress I might say, since the donut was almost to the "middle" of the Top-Right quarter. Yet what is not right at the moment is that the focuser's reflection is a bit to the Bottom-Right quarter (as you can see in the attachment). Since it's reflection is to the right, can you confirm please that the secondary is moved too far from the primary? Also I don't find an explanation for the reflection being to the bottom. Any ideas/advices for moving the reflection to the left and to the top would be of help. Thank you. P.S.: Sorry for the lack of drawing talents
  14. Hi Robp, How did you get from the value of 22.23 to the 4x Barlow... ? Am I missing something? Thanks,
  15. Could you suggest me please a good threaded 2"-1.25" adapter ? Again thank you,
  16. Or maybe I need to completely replace my 2"-1.25" adapter with a threader one?
  17. Those are colooured filters Charic. I asked for UNColoured filters
  18. Hi, Could you recommended me a good filter for planets, especially Saturn, but I want to see it's natural colour. Baadery Neodymium seems a nice choice... could you confirm or offer alternatives please? Thank you,
  19. Hello, I currently have an 8" SkyWatcher Dob with it's default 1.25"-2" converter. I intend attaching 2" filters, and the according to Moonshane's suggestion (and here's where I thank him), I went to his post : http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/84086-novel-use-for-baader-fine-tuning-rings/ Yet I opened this topic due to the fact that I don't want to pollute an old nice topic with my lack of knowledge since I am such a beginner.So I want to ask here (maybe other people would benefit of this...) My two questions are: 1.How am I supposed to connect that Baader FT ring to my convertor, since the convertor has no threads? (Also do you know any alternatives? I can't find the FT ring in the shops in my country) -- see the attached picture with my ensemble. 2.Won't these FT rings modify my magnification? According to the information I found in the table on this page : http://agenaastro.com/baader-14mm-hyperion-finetuning-ring.html they increase the magnification, and I would like the magnification unaltered. Thank you very much,
  20. Probably off topic... and if so, I am deeply sorry and will remove the post. But could you please tell me how can I use 2" filters with my 1.25" oculars (and be sure I won't break the filters with the barrels)? Thank you!
  21. Hi scarp15, Could you tell us please whether the Equalizer has threads to attach 2" filters? In case it has threads, how is the distance from one side to the other... I mean ... is there any chance to break the filter if using an eyepiece with a longer barrel? Thank you,
  22. Many 2"-1.25" adapters don't have threads to attach filters, but I guess I could go (for example) for a 8mm eypiece and a 2x 2" TeleVue Powermate (that has threads), to obtain the effect of a 4mm. Looking for 2" mainly because these items "never die", and in future I might get into astrophotograpy. Could you confirm if I'm right?
  23. I asked this because of... filters .. I am kind of forced to buy both 1.25" and 2" filters this way... Or could I somehow adapt the 2" filters to the 1.25" eyepieces?
  24. Regarding the UHC I found these three filters to be highlighted : TeleVue - NebuStar Astronomik - UHC Baader Planetarium - UHC-S Which of them do you think would be the best choice? And regarding moon observation, I've found : Baader Planetarium - Moon & Skyglow Neodymium which is neither a double-polarized nor an UHC, yet some say it makes wonders. What should I believe? Is it worth? Does it act as an UHC... maybe? Again, thank you!
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