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  1. Thanks people for your comments and support. Insurance coming around in the next day or so to hopefully sort it out. This is the first time I've had a burglary and TBH was one of those ppl who never gave this a thought that it would happen to me and hence never took photos of anything. The gear was collected over the last 18 months for when we retired hopefully soon, and has never been used so I cant even say exactly what I had. I knew I just needed the final part of the set up ie an imaging camera. Fortunately I have the serial number on the warrenty card kindly sent by Paxo who I bought it off together with pics of the scope, so at least that can be identified. Thanks again, I will keep you posted if anything turns up Adrian
  2. hi people I have recently been burgled and the majority of my equipment has been taken. Pride of place was my Williams FLT110 in its case along with ED80 and tripod, binoviewers, meade camera, several lenses, celestron bino's, 20 x 80 bino,s, HEQ5 tripod and weights but they left the head behind and loads of "stuff" I cant even remember. I dont think they really knew what they were taking from what they left behind. I think the intention was to furnish their house as dining table & chairs as well as bedside cabinets, kettle, cd's dvd's tv etc etc have gone and the astro gear was a bonus. I live in the Cwmbran area (Newport) S.Wales so if anyone see/hear of similar for sale in this area I would be grateful for the "Nod" Flatfootsam
  3. Sky at Night cd or website has FOV calc Adrian
  4. I was too slow on that one. Thanks anyway
  5. Fair play to this forum. There is no question that goes unanswered or un questioned. We have, teachers, engineers, physisists, engineers, doctors, scientists, astronomers, photographers, Girls!!!, Americans, Geeks, Nerds, moderators, experts, postmen/women, milkmen, even me !?!, Its the dogs. We dont argue like the others? OK maybe a bit but thats allowed as we are friends are'nt we? Apologies for " girls" Proud to be SGL!!! Need a 285 ccd cheap please Adrian
  6. I bought a nose piece to T adapter from the dreaded scope an skies for £6. Measured the adapter looks like 42mm Adrian
  7. As usual there is sensationalism created to either sell papers or increase viewing figures. I used to install lasers into nightclubs etc and were powerful 6 watt plus lasers not the 30-50mW used by "yobs". On an opening night of a London nightclub we used one outside and if the cloud level is right it is possible to advertise on them. On this night it was clear and so it was flickered around the sky and before we knew it there we numerous planes circling above having a look. Another outdoor event we did we had to get permission from MOD as the area was used by fighter aircraft in training. We asked the C.O. of the local RAF base and was told "flying at 600mph at 100ft, the last thing to bother the pilot would be a laser beam". Unless you look direct into a laser for quite some time and avoid blinking, there is very little danger and I cant see a "yob" standing at the beginning of a runway with a watercooled 6W laser as I'm sure he could be a victim of his sucess if he did. There is no doubt that lasers are distracting but I think it has to be put into perspective and it is the people and not the laser. No doubt they will get banned and of course the likes of astronomers who use things sensibly anyway will suffer for the minority. There, I feel better now
  8. I think I may be about to experience the learning curve that you have. As a newbie myself, i am still not aware exactly how big these objects are for the scope I have (Flt110 F7). I intend imaging as soon as I collect all the necessaries. The Rosette and Heart were on my list of to do's and I am now wondering what else I am not going to be able to do, without as you say hiding more scopes from SWMBO. It seems no matter how prepared you think you may be, there always seems to be something else required, but I suppose its the knowledge that can only be obtained through experience that will dictate whats next. I just hope my wallet is up to the challenge. Adrian
  9. They offered me next day for £12.00, or the following day for nowt. I chose nowt. Enough I say !!!!!!!!!!
  10. So much for free trade the politicians are bleating on about. Doesnt exist. I run a shop and finding the US is one of the worst for putting the prices up regardless of currency fluctuations. Wholesalers here have been using currency as an excuse for longer than it has been one. Funny that the price inceases happened when VAT was reduced last year so the retailer got the blame. No doubt when the VAT goes back up in January we will be the rip off retailer once again as suppliers will use currency as the excuse to put up prices again. Is there no end? perhaps when no-one has any money left. Its a crying shame that our manufacturing industry has all but gone as we are now at the mercy of the foreign factories, importers and "exchange rate". Oh, and customs of course. Whinge over for now!
  11. I wanted a pair of WO guide rings and were £89 from FLO and £47 from WO on their flea bay site. Normally I wouldnt be bothered about a few quid and would rather support our sponser, but a saving of nearly half was too tempting. Arrived today invoice. Rings £47.53 Customs VAT £10.86 (23% ?? No import/excise duty) Parcelforce Clearance Fee £13.50 Total £71. 89 No doubt there would have been discount from FLO bringing me back to the few quid I normally wouldnt be bothered about and having to wait 2 weeks just to rub my nose in it; Never again, apologies Steve !!! Adrian
  12. Could'nt you run the heater from your 45A supply? You should be ok on your existing supply for the obsy equipment. I guess the pumps would'nt be on if its cold enough that you need a heater on anyway, but I would check the power consumtion of the tubs as you would have a tad over 10KVa power available. Adrian
  13. Oh dear. Although as you said you havent been able to put it through its paces yet, it does seem to be a bit of a gimmick more than of practical use. Shame that what seemed to be a good idea turns out to be not well thought out, and if WO are going to use this as standard item, it could well tarnish their reputation as a high end scope manufacturer. Thanks for your comment Adrian
  14. Hi Ivor Changing the subject slightly, how are you getting in with that digital readout thingy on your scope? Are you finding it useful yet? Adrian
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