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  1. After finally being convinced by my son that astronomy is not a short term fad I have decided to purchase a telescope for him. He shows a lot of interest in the planets so his interest in the immediate future will lie here. We have the normal town light pollution in our back garden but are fortunate to have an allotment where there is little pollution so the telescope will be moved between the two locations. On a budget of between £150 and £250 I started my research. My aim was to find a telescope that shows good detail ofthe planets, I do not want one where all be sees is a white blob, because his interest would soon fade. I have to admit after reading about reflectors, refractors, apertures, goto and all the other stuff my head began to hurt. So I have come seeking help. In short can a get a telescope that will cover the above within budget, if so which telescope. If not how much would I have to spend to get the required specs. Ps I like the idea of these go to scopes, it would give my son cofidence in finding planets on his own. thanks for any advice given. If anyone wants any tips on canadian canoes I will happily return the favour.
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