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  1. Just a quick update... The Oregon 4's are ordered, although i am suspecting they are going to end up in wrapping paper so the wait will continue Also Steve's book has been hinted at in a big way so that could possibly appear christmas day as well!! Cheers again for all the advice.
  2. greg72

    Hey all :)

    Long time watcher of Sky at Night, and other programmes related to space. Loving the new series with Brian Cox. Looking to buy my first setup, which with my restrictive budget will be bino's, already hassling the bino section in here Anyway, just a quick hello, and see if any other wiltshire fellows are around, Cheers, Greg
  3. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the advice, i can see my initial thoughts were way off base!!! VisofSer, that setup you recommend in the above post looks good. I will wait to see if anyone offers alternatives at that price range, but if not i will get the orders in I own Turn Left At Orion, so hopefully soon, if these clouds shift, i can get out looking.
  4. Thank you both for the advice. I am guessing the tripod is overkill for 10x50's then? I am just thinking the tripod would offer some sort of comfort level when viewing and be nice and steady. Both of those 10x50's linked look a good possibility, is there any advantage of one over the other? Cheers again, Greg
  5. Greetings all, First post here Looking to buy a set of binoculars and a steady mount. Having read a bit around here i have found that this has been recommended a few times.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ravelli-APGL4-Professional-Tripod-Adjustable So with that being ok, which of these would suit for general observing.. http://www.365astronomy.com/celestron-skymaster-15x70 http://www.365astronomy.com/celestron-skymaster-25x70 http://www.365astronomy.com/celestron-skymaster-20x80 The third option could be out of range, unless the mrs can be persuaded!! Basically would any of these be a good startin
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