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  1. Thankyou for the advise where to get one from waldemar and yes jonn my puck also fits two sizes but the angle that is machined away on the vixen dovetail isn't machined wide enough to fit in the eq6 puck. Ive just measured the length of the machined area on the dovetail and its 88mm and the clamping side of the puck is 118mm. I suppose I could take the dovetail to work and grind taper 15mm either side to make to 118mm (same as puck). Thanks for the info folks.
  2. Hi all Just need a little advise really. Ive just bought a second hand vixen 103s and it wont fit on my neq6 the puck seems too big as it fits perfectly on my eq2/3 as the clamping puck is smaller. Can someone advise me on what plate i need to get it to fit on my neq6 please because i have no idea. Thanks folks and clear skies to u all.
  3. Thankyou for the replies all sorted now it was the motherboard. Clear Skies all
  4. Hi Folks I have an sbig filter wheel cfw9. It holds 5 1.25 inch filters. The problem I have got is the filters which are astromonikk lrgb type 2c don't screw all the way into the filter wheel they just tighten up after a couple of turns. The first question is whats the best wat to get them screwed in all the way. The next question is will it affect them being par focal being at different positions on the threads. regards Dave w Clear skies all
  5. The handset powers up and it comes up with no link to m.c Stand alone mode . It lets me into the menu so I presume the handset is ok. Motors wont work though.
  6. Hi all The weekend because it was clear I setup my mount switched it on and hey presto cant connect to m.c . I tried all lead connections ,leisure battery all were fine. Does this mean the motherboard has gone. Wouldn't want to buy a new one for nothing and find out its the controller or a motor. If it is the motherboard could someone advise me where to purchase one from. Thanks Folks
  7. happy new year to all sgl members and a big thankyou for all the help through 2012. clear skies everyone
  8. Hi folks Could someone pm me with the site details and the time you are meeting when you arrange another meeting as i would like to attend. I live in the walsall area and this group is very local to me. I dont know much about astronomy and attending these meetings would give me more knowledge and information than observing alone in my garden. regards dave w
  9. ive just checked the wedge pdf on meades site and it says its for an 8" only so dont buy that ion flux. I wouldnt want you buying something thats undermounting your scope. its called equatorial wedge 8" scopes. It dont say that on the ebay advert it says its for 8 10 & 12". I wouldnt buy a new one at those prices just keep looking on astro bull n sell and the classifieds here. One will come along mine did. Just be prepared to travel a few miles to pick one up it will save you hundreds mate. clear skies
  10. hi again ionflux Theres a meade wedge on ebay at the moment with a tripod which is the same as yours and its only going for about £30 at the mo. you would need an adaptor plate for it though which a&e sell to make it fit your lx90. It would still be a saving of hundreds though on the price of new gear. regards dave w
  11. hi ionflux i got myself a megawedge by ae for my lx90 12". Brand new they cost nearly £400 but i got mine second hand off ebay for just over £200 . This is a solid wedge but heavy. I use focal reducers with my lx90 that way it brings the f ratio down making longer exposures possible. I also have a meade 5000 80mm apo attached to the scope via guide rings so i can auto guide with one scope and image with the other and vice versa so u get the best of 2 scopes. One other piece of advise would be to counter balance your scope on both axis to reduce tracking errors. Hope this helps regards dave w
  12. hi all I got myself a collimation thumbscrew kit from scopestuff for my meade lx90 gps a while back. I went to fit them the other day and the instructions state that you have to leave the little nylon washers on them. The problem that ive got is the original allen head screws that you use to collimate the scope with are the same length as the scopestuff ones and the nylon spacers are about 1.5mm making the scopestuff screws 1.5mm shorter than the originals. Should i leave off the washers or is there a reason why they should be on there as the instructions state they should be on. Please could someone with some knowledge of these scopes and collimation screws please advise me on what to do. regards dave w
  13. Hi all Ive just got my hands on an atik fira m1 electric filter wheel. It says on the internet that you can upgrade it to a usb filter wheel. Does anyone know where i can get the upgrade from. regards dave w
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