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  1. Jake, I am eventually interested in 12V steppers version. I didn't found so many information about it. Only one good tutorial for this stepper : http://42bots.com/tutorials/28byj-48-stepper-motor-with-uln2003-driver-and-arduino-uno/ And maybe an other well known article on Focus : http://www.astrodon.com/Orphan/parfocal_and_critical_focus_zone/ Didier S-C
  2. Dave included the temperature sensor, I built it and now, measure the temperature well. - But, where to put this sensor ? (in the box with arduino nano? ouside close to the stepper ? external part of the focuser or on the body of the optical train ? In fact, we don't really care about temperature, what we want to control is material dilatation related to focus zone. So, which part of the optical train is the more sensistive to dilatation ? Didier S-C
  3. Hi Tekky, I had problems with the temperature decimal separator. Your new version is perfect and solve it very well ! By the way, do you know how to apply half step for the motor steppers ? Currently I'm using the focuser to control the focuser ring of my Nikon lens which is doing full scale (0,5m to Infinte) on 90° only. My puley system is 1/4, so I get 1 turn for the motor with about 500 positions : I'm not sure that's big enough. My sky & job don't give so many opportunities for checking. I like your work so much that I am trying to make a small weather station... Didier S-C
  4. Even if I think that Silios is right, the good way is to make more compatible the driver with regional settings of the computer, I tried an other way. Because, I just started to learn Arduino with this project and I absolutely don't know C#, so I have tried to modify your sketch in Arduino. It is dedicated for computers using comma to separate digits. I can share my humble modified lines : At line 38 of original file, I inserted : // START : MY MODIFICATIONS char PositionPoint; // Calculate the point position in the string String Temperature = ""; // String to receive the numerical value of temperature// END : MY MODIFICATIONSAnd at line 146 of original file, I inserted : // START : MY MODIFICATIONS Temperature = String(GetTemperature(),DEC); // copy decimal value in string PositionPoint = Temperature.indexOf('.'); // find the dot position Temperature = Temperature.substring(0,PositionPoint+3); // remove the end of string Temperature.replace('.', ','); // Replace dot "." by comma "," Serial.print(Temperature); // Print on serial port the temperature // END : MY MODIFICATIONSIt is now working well with BackYardNIKON, where Temperature is shown with comman and I can order the stepper-motor.Didier S-C
  5. Hi Mike J, yes I have and the workaround to declare Ascom driver works quite well. I get trouble with temperature because in France we use comma instead of dot to separate the digits. And as a good dummy I try to modify some parameters in Ascom : I notched "Trace" without knowing what will be the result... After many reinstall, finally I change from "true" to "false" on "Trace" with Ascom tool. I hope that Silio and Tekky will found a way to update Ascom driver to implement comma for temperature. My plan is to use this focuser with my DSLR and BYN and reach a good focus. Thanks to Gina for showing the multi camera and stimulate me to try to do that. I will post photos when I reach a good prototype ;-)) Didier S-C
  6. By the way, I'm really not efficient and by curiousity I checked "Trace" in Ascom box, and it became a nightmare until I use "Ascom profile explorer" to force "Trace" from "true" to "false". Even desinstalling AAF2, Ascom 6.1 don't remove "Trace" status... Hope it can help and avoid loose time for others Didier S-C
  7. Silios, thanks a lot ! I'm French and we are using also comma and I didn't got any temperature at first. After changing regional setting, it is working. - Is there any way to modify Arduino code to get it correctly according regional setting like all third party applications ? Didier S-C
  8. I understand that solving such kind problem is time consuming, just to make it more clear for the dummies like me, it would be great to copy the "manual" process in the Wiki page of SourceForge. Didier
  9. Hello, I'm new on this thread. I got Arduino Uno with stepper and temperature sensor. Uploaded everything Ascom 6.1, serial commands through Arduino works and make rotating and I can get the temperaure. BUT : when I launch AAF2, I don't know which ASCOM driver to select I have a choice list : - ASCOM Simulator Focuser Driver - Generic Hub - Pipe Diagnostic Tool - POTH Hub - Simulator Certainly I missed something... - Could you help me ?
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