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  1. Marvin

    I'm new!

    Not another Kiwi with beauiful clear skies! I cannot bear it All Iv'e got here is cloud and lots of it! So, as a Kiwi you can see stars close to us. You can see the Alpha Centurae group. Mutter, mutter... I can never see them unless I become a Kiwi! Take care. Ron.
  2. Hey Astral. I am a newbie too and I always start with a 25mm eyepiece, (large field of view), and work my way up in magnification, or down in size, (Same thing...) . 25mm to 10mm to whatever... (I still get it wrong sometimes but please keep with it girl!) I've been studying Saturn, mainly because I have a SkyWatcher 127 goto Cassy and I ain't had a clear enough night to align her properly yet! As the good people of this forum have advised, always begin with the lowest power eyepiece and you will be eventually rewarded! Clear skies! Ron.
  3. Welcome Ianlyn! From someone who only joined yesterday! It is a good place to be and I wish you well on your adventure. I want to say, "Whatever floats your boat!", but I shall resist. O! It's too late now isn't it? Ron.
  4. Marvin

    I'm new!

    Wow! What an amazing welcome! Thank you all guys, my warm regards to you all also! And as for you Daughter "dearest" - (always rushing me!) - and ron.s.g, a collective of Rons would be a Nuisance of Rons. Clear skies to you all! (Except Southern_Cross who ALWAYS has clear skies! *grinds teeth*) Ron.
  5. Marvin

    I'm new!

    Hi Southern_Cross! I understand you have beautiful nebulae down there! Thank you! Ron.
  6. Marvin

    I'm new!

    Hello everyone! My Daughter, Sam Price, got me involved in all this and I love every minute of it! I followed you're adventures in Herefordshire and was impressed at you're "collectiveness" I don't know how else to say it apart from you're apparent joy of being together... OK. It's good to find like minded people in this world. Take care and Clear skies! Ron.
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