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  1. Just WOW ! I read in the thread that there used to be a webcam link ? If there is one availlable I would be interested in following this live
  2. 2 weeks to go

    1. Uplooker
    2. Stargazer33


      7th of October? ;o)

    3. Vox45


      yes ! and after 6 months of a painful wait, first light ! My wife will finally stop hearing about it... for a little while, until I wake her up in the middle of the night to look at some fuzzy DSO

  3. From the album: My Gear

    © Yannic Delisle

  4. From the album: My Gear

    © Yannic Delisle

  5. Vox45

    Celeston C6

    From the album: My Gear

    © Yannic Delisle

  6. Vox45


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