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  1. lynnm

    Peli IM2300 case

    Hi i have a Peli IM2300 storm case, which comes with two layer foam inserts, and this is brand new in a box. ideal for lenses / optics or other electrical equipment, these cases are waterproof and practically indestructible.! Looking for £100 +pp Mike spec can be seem on the Pelli site, https://peliproducts.co.uk/im2300-storm-case.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAqOriBRAfEiwAEb9oXXjakczQuXfi75yctCXbrVultzTermVJeQZL0OYchxpkEJBIHFTiABoC5GsQAvD_BwE
  2. Hi guys yes weather was a total wash out for any stargazing this year, but with the blow up planetarium we had at the school, all the kids where totally enthralled by it all until the next time clear skys all mike
  3. Yes that’s quite true. i was also given a very sturdy tripod and binos the other day, for just such a thing..
  4. HI no worries - you've got an open invitation of you do although the weather looks very iffy. I dug out my Dob the other day with the intention to take this, but the main and secondary mirrors are looking very worse for ware - may have to have it recoated by the looks of it..
  5. Hi, As mentioned in a post before im running a scout Astronomy session on the Saturday night on the 22nd Sept, and be happy if anyone wants to pop over with your kit to allow any kids a view through at the stars etc.. ill be taking a couple of my scopes and was planning on the dob, but i think i may need to have the lens recoated after looking at it this morning (after being in storage for a while) :-( Knobby? are you up for it? Mike
  6. HI, I plan on venturing out with some of my kit for some night time viewing.. is that spot I think nobby found still workable? https://goo.gl/maps/GB7JZJX5dzE2 anyone else interested? looking at dates from Feb 27 until March 7th mike
  7. Hi all. back in 2015 i did a little science and astronomy weekend for the scouts in basildon, and considering it been a while i was thinking of revisiting this and run another session where scouts etc can get to see and use some equipment and earn their astronomy badges. the scouts have a large field in Langdon hills ( Kingston ridge ) which is easily accessible and away from many of the town and local lights. (Camping maybe possible if i can organise it) would people be interested in setting up a session later this year? just feeling what the uptake might be like cheers mike
  8. lynnm

    Looking for a cheap goto

    Thanks - but a tad too far away
  9. lynnm

    Looking for a cheap goto

    Nothing further heard .. still looking
  10. lynnm

    Looking for a cheap goto

    Pm sent for more info
  11. Hi, I'm on the look out for a cheap goto solution for my father in law.. not looking for anything special just a standard cheapish solution so that he may be able to use in the garden without to much trouble and can be put away without much difficulty, would prefer to pick up locally if ones around and not being used.. (essex) looking for around 250 mark or less. thanks for looking (pm if you had anything) mike
  12. Hi .. been a while since ive posted, and to be honest it been a while since ive had my hands on anything Astro related for a while, and the scopes are a bit dusty.. but nethertheless i had the opportunity to obtain a LXD75 auto tracking mount the other day and been playing setting it up with computer control and updating the 497 with some tours. The only issue is I haven't got a OTA to fit on it.. LOL.. the ETX I have and the DOB wont fit ;-). So i rigged up a bit of tubing to mount my DSLR on the mount and played around with trying to get used to polar setting it up. spent the other night taking some pics of Polaris and trying to get some star movement, but cloud come in after some 10 min exposures and didn't get much to show.. so waiting for some clearer night. but anyway.. has anyone got any ideas on the LXD75 hints and tips ? Cheers Mike
  13. HI, i'm not sure if it's a taboo subject. but i'm interested in any type of public internet based remote telescope viewing. would anyone have any links to services that provide this as a possibility? ( preferably free ) the reason being is that i am hosting a scouting event in March, and the reasons are twofold... 1, the local weather could scrap my plans for using our local telescopes 2, the younger kids may not get the opportunity to see much as they may not be around for long period in the dark. so i'm hoping to see if i can try and utilise such a service for these cubs/scouts to use during our event.. any ideas?? Cheers Mike
  14. pardon the spelling mistake - it's the only copy i have....
  15. HI, I'm organizing an science and astronomy weekend for the Basildon District Scouts on the 21st march ( approx 100 kids ), and have posted in the (local Essex social forum on here ) I'm looking to see if anyone else would be willing to bring some telescopes on the evening to show astronomy to scouts and cubs? ( or possibly show them how to set their own telescopes up correctly ) please PM me cheers Mike Basildon - Essex

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