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  1. Sorry I have never gotten into baseball. I am a Browns fan though. Hoping for a better season this year. Go Browns!!!
  2. My favorite author is Rod Mollise. I am reading his "The Urban Astrononmer's Guide" book the second time.

    1. Qualia


      Aye, it's a cracking book. Of course, it's not just for Urban gazers but when I lived in the City I found it an inspirational guide. Also partial to Bruce & Barbara Thompson guide and DIY books ;-)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I cannot find the book on Amazon, although I have already heard of it before. Here is a list of books on astrophotography that I already acquired: 1. Astrophotography by Thierry Legault (Kindle)2. CCD Astrophotography: High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs by Adam Stuart (Paperback)3. How to photograph the night sky like a Pro by Steve Rutherford (Kindle) false4. The 100 Best Astrophotography Targets: A monthly guide for CCD imaging with Amateur Telescopes (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Ruben Kier5. Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography by
  4. Hi Dave. I see that you own a 12" Meade LX90 scope. Have you used in the city with light poluted skies? Would you recommend it to be used under such conditions?
  5. I live an a suburb of Cleveland about 10 miles north of Akron. Unfortunately my northern skies (where downtown Cleveland is) are the most light polluted. I have been to the UK (and I was happy to learn today the the scotts voted to remain in it) twice. Both times in the Liverpool area. I love that country and the culture and history. Have listened to the 2020Astro podcast?
  6. My name is Attila Banto and I am currently living with my family (wife and 3 small kids + 1 one the way) in Cleveland Ohio. I just got into the hobby only about 3 months ago and as impulsive as I am I went all in and already acquired four scopes: 80mm refractor, 8 inch reflector, 12 inch dobsonian and an 8 inch SCT. I also got two equatorial mounts the Atlas EQ-G and the SkyView Pro. My initial intention was to do astrophotography but I soon realized that I need to familiarize myself with the skies first and do visual observation for a while and hopefully gradually, later I can "upgrade" to ta
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