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  1. if you are imaging then I would think the ccd best but if you are hunting them then as gordon said the slr would be best jb
  2. i have an meade etx 70, the hand set is in German, is it possible to get it to English? cheers jb
  3. can i us a dew heater on the nose piece on a ccd as i have big problems with dew? jb
  4. try using your gear with longer leads, power cables etc, then you can sit in the warmth and deal with it all from the computer. well thats what i am working on at the moment just waiting for an electric focuser. due to health problems i need to keep warm, i have already pushed it. can't tell you what the crater is though. jb
  5. i got them as well. what an idiot no consideration for family life.# jb
  6. could it be lamgda aquarii in aquarius? jb
  7. OK Rog, is it common practice to use a barlow with deep sky ie star clusters and would i need to use it on some galaxies. jb
  8. Thanks for that caz. cc, i have the shorter one on order. jb
  9. cc, it was the 100ed and svx h9 the exposures were around 15 seconds. how do i avoid vignetting? jb
  10. don't know what the line is. could be ET or my wife throwing something at me? steve, that is the original image it could have something to do with the dew i was having big problems last night with it. jb
  11. 100ed and svxh9. i think it was around 15 secs jb
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