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  1. thanks i guess i was trying to do what it cannot , so do feel a bit better .
  2. thanks for the replies , i have the scope in the loft so i maybe fast asleep before it becomes visible from my open windows.
  3. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/224870-need-major-help-with-nexstar-4-se/ i made a post here , its a nexstar 4 se.
  4. only just purchased it i have set it up but not too sure correctly . ive not attempted the sky align yet as im getting very poor results trying to view the brightest star i can see in the sky . when viewing through the scope it does not look any better that looking at it in the sky, when i adjust the focus knob , it seems to get bigger but then just looks like a polo. any advise as to what im doing wrong , thanks.
  5. bought a scope and totally lost , so hopefully i can get some good advise here.
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