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  1. Same here Mark! Don’t want a wasted journey. Will probably make a final decision about 4-5pm
  2. The exact location is here: Dropped pin near Unnamed Road, York https://goo.gl/maps/d9MLLV2Pdas it is public land so no problem in using the spot
  3. Im definitely heading up there, im thinking of going to the place I went last time. It’s a really good spot! Loads of room for everyone, didn’t see anyone else passing the whole night I was there.
  4. Heading out to Winscar tonight if anyone is out? Ill be heading over around 7 ish.
  5. Should be heading upto Winscar this eve with Adam. Just to give folks a heads up ?
  6. Yes hopefully should be getting more data of m33 and the hh. That’s the plan anyway lol. Adam is joining me. Would be great to catch up with others. More the merrier as per..
  7. If the weather stays on track I will be heading out to Winscar tonight.
  8. I am here and will be here all night. Breezy but clear. Damian just gone home as he said he just wasn’t feeling it tonight.
  9. Im gonna be heading upto Winscar tonight. Just letting you all know. Praying for a clear Moonless night it’s been wayy too long!!
  10. I am heading up Winscar tonight. Setting off shortly. Just giving everyone a heads up ?
  11. Excellent! See you both there! Adams coming too ?
  12. Probably setting off around 8.30 ish I reckon mate?
  13. I've not been on here for ages!! Some cracking images though looking back through. Anyway im thinking of heading upto Winscar again tonight just to give everyone a heads up. I want to do some more testing with the modded dslr with the scope this time.
  14. I managed to remember my password. Weather is looking good for tonight.
  15. Fantastic talk last night! Great meet up. Sorry I didn't make the curry afterwards.
  16. Should hopefully be making it up. Bev changed her hours at work so she doesn't finish until 9.30 now! Will probably head up after that as im still fine tuning the barn door tracker.
  17. The clouds have given me time to do this lol. Now hoping for some distant night in the future where I might get chance to use it for 5 minutes ?
  18. Cheers mate. Ill probably be up for Tuesday night weather depending. Maybe just play it by ear. Bit early to predict the weather for Tuesday yet.
  19. Well... That should make polar alignment of the barn door tracker a little easier. EQ5 polar alignment scope. Adjusted and calibrated for the next clear night ?
  20. Apologies for dragging up an old thread but your link you posted is dead and I would really like to hear a bit more as I also am struggling to polar align my bdt. Do you happen to have a new link for your findings? Thanks in advance.
  21. Sorry to Mark and Damian for not mentioning which car park we were going to. It was still nice to have a catch up with you both. And thanks for the chocolate Damian! conditions were good but not perfect. I think as Damian said there was some moisture in the air. We saw a few Galaxies and the Double Cluster in Cassiopia looked great! My barn door tracker wasn't working as well as it should. I was struggling to get any longer than 30 sec subs at 18mm F3.5. So something a miss there. Maybe the Arduino controllers timer isn't quite 1rpm? I thought I did a pretty decent job at polar alignment so it's definitely something I need to look into.
  22. No worries Damian mate. And good stuff Mark, hope to see you there if you decide to go.
  23. Me and Lee are heading up to Winscar at 8.00pm if anyone would like to join us feel free to do so. ??
  24. Happy birthday Chris! Have a great day mate. Yes Clear outside has been off the ball recently. They are usually bang on as well! Looks like it is going to be decent. Even if it is until midnight.
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