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  1. yes, planetary imaging, should have mentioned it in my first post sorry guys thanks for your help, think i'll need to just get different ep's
  2. I just checked the bottom end of the EPs and they do in fact have threads on them, i was looking at the top where you look through... what next?
  3. So before I consider buying more EP's is it even possible to use eyepiece projection with Nagler and Delos EPs? still can't find a large enough extension for them
  4. I'm using the skyliner 300p, The nagler has a lip but no thread unfortunately and guessing its the same for my other televues.
  5. Hi, I've always wanted to get into some kind of astrophotography, and i've looked at eyepiece projection to attach my dslr but every time I try and figure out what I need to fit my televue 2" naglers and panoptics to my camera I hit a dead end with confusion. Can someone list me all the accessories I need to get me going with this? seems I need 3 different things from different pictures I've looked at. I've searched for the televue EPA-0007 but can't find any for sale and all the others are to small to support my ep's. cheers
  6. To be honest, I plan on buying most of the TV EP range in the future so I decided to go for rather big increments for the moment. I bought the powermate x2 just because I wanted the barlow off the check list Thanks for the replies guys, I actually got my scope yesterday and will upload a few pictures tonight hopefully!
  7. I was like a child at christmas time when I received these babies, sucks that I'm still waiting on my 300p skyliner scope to be delivered 6mm Delos 17mm Nagler type 4 35mm Panoptic Powermate "2 x2 I really can't believe the build quality on these its amazing
  8. Hah! it's that easy huh , I'll get a couple of pics up of my new toys when they arrive. I'm so excited
  9. I decided to take the plunge, I went for a completely manual scope, Skyliner 300p no goto on amazon for £950, it dawned on me that it would take a lot of the fun out of viewing the skies. I also spend over £1000 on a few EP's, TV Nagler 17mm 2", TV Delos 6.0mm 1.25", TV Panoptic 35mm 2" and the TV powermate 2x 2" Hope I've went with the correct EP's to pair with this scope as I'm still not sure how to calculate the magnification of the EPs with focal length of the scope etc, hoping I've made a good decision with the EPs. Cheers! can't wait!
  10. Sorry to quote this post again, am I correct in saying the skyliner 300p is the same as the xx12g?
  11. Visual comes first, imaging will be a nice bonus but nothing serious, perhaps even buy a seperate scope down the line for imaging only.
  12. I'm in a good location in Scotland, right next to the countryside, light polution isn't a problem
  13. Hi, I'm looking to purchase my first telescope, my budget is £2000, my main interest is DSO, but also want to be able to get great detail with inner solar system objects. I've been looking at the Orion Skyquest XX12g (12" being my maximum size") so is there anything similar to this scope I should look into? GoTo feature is a must. If I do go with the xx12g, how good would I expect objects to look? really would like to get into astrophotography as well. Can see this being an expensive hobby already haha I will be looking at decent eyepieces also, such as a few of the TeleVue's thanks!
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