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  1. Good job, but is it needed a light pollution filter to take a picture to the Moon?
  2. Great shots. Very sharp pictures. Congratulations!
  3. The big one is Copernicus. On its right, Eratosthenes.
  4. Nice shadows and contrast. Posidonius is an interesting crater.
  5. You can make a mosaic using this images. Good job. What telescope did you use?
  6. Wonderful telescope c9.25, my next one I hope ... Nice shot. Try also using a Barlow lens and no eyepiece ...
  7. Nice shot. I took a shot to this area tonight. Let me attach two pictures, one of the duck, another of the entire field. I used my 150mm newtonian reflector F5, Barlow 2x, and Canon EOS 450d. Registax 5.1.
  8. The image seems to be a bit out of focus. Be patient with focusing. Try again.
  9. Nice. Despite being a difficult daylight shot, you got good results.
  10. You got bad seeing, but good video anyway.
  11. Recording a video has the advantage of getting more frames per second. Besides you avoid camera vibration of continuous shots when recording video.
  12. Moon is very dim at this phase. Nice shot.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel.
  14. I tried Plato with my 16 inch telescope and didn't get better results than yours. Great shot!
  15. Good focus, a bit overexposed. Nice daytime moon.
  16. Nice job. This telescope of yours seems to be quite good!
  17. Incredible details for a 4 inch with central obstruction telescope. Congratulations!
  18. Being a second attempt it is really very good, in my opinion. Keep sending more.
  19. Great shot. So, Ganymede is not just a pinpoint star anymore ...
  20. Well done. Try using a Barlow lens to increase the size of the planet. Thanks for sharing.
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