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  1. Thanks very much for the replies. Last night, I viewed the moon for the first time at 73x through my telescope before the clouds rolled in ( I think there must be some physical law that a new telescope or kit means 2 weeks of cloudy nights!). I was amazed. My 13 year old daughter had 4 friends over, and they all huddled around the telescope with me. One commented about the "halo" around the moon, and I tried to look smart, dropping the big words "chromatic aberration" that I just learned from the internet. Good times. I see a couple of plossls, and maybe a t-ring / t-adapter so I can bust out the dusty Canon t2I from my closet. But first, I need to look up the local club... Thanks again.
  2. Good day, ladies and gents. I am quite new to the world of stargazing. On a whim about 2 weeks ago, I acquired a Celestron LCM 90 refractor scope-- at no cost ( saw it in an airline miles catalog). As packaged, it included a 25mm and 9mm Kellnar eyepieces and a prism star diagonal. Since then, I dove into various forums and websites to read up on my new hobby. I have seen a plethora of infomation to temper my expectations on the variety and quality of viewing I can expect from my new scope. Naturally, I have read a lot about various designs of telescopes at various price points, and I have also seen tons of info on accessories into which I could pour my money to possibly improve my experience with my current telescope-- eyepieces (plossls and kellnars and orothoscopics of all shapes, sizes, and prices), better star diagonals, filters, dew guns, mounts, etc. etc. etc.) Since I acquired my scope, I have had very mediocre seeing conditions, but I have viewed Mars and Saturn (which was quite exciting even though it was roughly the size of a large pinhead-- with rings, though!). I have limited hopes of viewing deep space objects. I would greatly appreciate your sage advice. Given the equipment described above, what should and how much money should I put into my current equipment before I am "putting lipstick on a pig"? Would moderate or premium eyepieces make a large difference with this scope for planetary and lunar viewing? What are the "musts" that I might as well buy? I have a notion to do some very basic astrophotography-- I don't expect impressive results-- just some lunar and planetary shots to show some pals. I alreay picked up a power pack, and a Celestron X-cel 2x barlow. Should I stop now and give up the astrophotography as a pipe dream? Any advice is welcome. I apologize that topic is so scattershot. Cheers.
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