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  1. Good evening, can anyone recommend a suitable cover to store an eq5 mount outside 24/7 365 days a year? I can see there are a variety of telegizmo covers but don't know which would be suitable for the mount only.
  2. Evening folks, I have been looking at installing a new sensor into my webcam and have been doing a bit of research. I have got as far as sourcing a new sensor at the moment! Can anyone confirm whether I have got the pin layout below correct and whether its as simple as removing the old CCD and and soldering in the new one? James ICX098-ICX618 -------------- 1-> 5 2 > 6 3 > 1 + 2 4 > 3 + 4 5 > 7 6 > 10 7 > 8 8 > 9 9 > -. 10 > 11 11 > -. 12 > 12 13 > 13 14 > 14
  3. Good Evening folks, Anyone know where to purchase a sensor to upgrade the CCD on SPC900nc? Possibly the Sony ICX618AL or ICX098BL?
  4. Rest in peace Sir Patrick you will be sadley missed.
  5. Sorry folks. Its 4 x 2 minute images at ISO1600 using a Skywatcher startravel 80 on a EQ5 and a Canon EOS digital Rebel. Fairly modest Equip. Hopefully Flats will help make the sky look a little darker. I think overdid the curves a little as its slightly brighter in the centre of the image?
  6. Here is my first crack at imaging a galaxy (or three). Makes all the effort worth while even it isn't going to win any prizes!!
  7. I used iso 400 from memory
  8. I have recently bought a startravel 102 and this is my first deep sky attempt. Only one image, 2 min exposure with Canon rebel and a bit of tinkering in photoshop. Comments would be welcome!!
  9. I currently have a Helios 8" reflector currently mounted on my EQ5 but wondered what extra weight it could take? would a Skywatcher 80mm or 102mm mounted on the 8" push its boundaries?
  10. What f-ratio should I be looking for in a telescope for imaging and what ratio for guiding? Is there a speed that suits the two?
  11. Just been reaidng up in the EQ5 conversion - does the Hitec astro usb interface do the same thing as the Shoesstring GPUSB interface?
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