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  1. Thankyou for this! I might disregard a 32mm plossl judging by the previous post, and a barlow is an excellent idea. I've actually read the post linked above whilst doing research before posting I think I've decided on a 25mm BST, an 8mm BST and either a 15 or 18mm BST Damn that's £150 I need to save! Cheers again for the advice guys, much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the swift replies folks! I might have to try and treat myself to some of the BST's over the next few months (and try and wrangle some as Xmas presents ) And maybe look at purchasing a 32mm Plossl as a further upgrade after that Damn it, I'm supposed to be trying to save £££ Do we think a nebula/Light pollution filter (UHC or OIII ?) might be worth my time? I don't live in the city, but it's still not exactly dark... Thankyou again!
  3. Hi guys and girls I've been reading through the forum quite a lot since I got my 'scope (A Skywatcher Heritage 130P) which I love. As you might guess I've been looking to upgrade the standard 10mm and 25mm eyepieces. Basically it appears I've two options: 1) I buy a kit like the Revelation Photo-Visual kit (which does appeal I have to say and appears to have a decent variety of eyepieces) or 2) I buy 2/3 of the BST Explorer eyepieces (maybe a 18 and/or 25mm one and a shorter focal length of about 8mm) I like to have a gander at all manner of things, but DSO's seem to be my favourite at the moment (mainly due to planets hiding behind trees from my normal viewing point in my back garden it has to be said) I'm pretty much a n00b and I'm a fairly tight budget (hence looking at the kits). Anyone have any advice? Or indeed other suggestions? Thanks people!
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