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  1. Very nice image, rich in color!
  2. Hi Luis, happy to see you here too! Thank you for your comment.
  3. Well I just made another set of flats and reprocessed the image. It's a less agressive processing, but i think it's smoother. Also, the bands are not 100% cured. What do you think about this one?
  4. Wow Pixinsight sure helped a lot on your image! Thank you Maark72 for that result.
  5. Thanks for the comment Your bubble is very nice too! Hummm you're right, and if we see more carefully, in my image, there's the light band and below there's a dark one making this part of the image inconsistent with the rest.
  6. As Luís said, flats don't always work, it's a bit strange but, it happens. In this case, it didn't work. I will have to try the PixInsight Script and see if it works. Thanks.
  7. A lot better than the last one! Great image.
  8. Wow! Really stunning! A lot of work involved in this one! Nice wide field sensation.
  9. Last week I went to my observatory and took the GSO 200/800 first light. I caught some high clouds but between them I manage to get 70min of lights. I forgot to lower the ISO from 1600 to 800, hence the noise. Anyway I am pleased with the result. NGC7635 / M52 - 14x300s GSO 200/800, LXD75, Canon 350d (MOD), Baader MPCC, Astronomik CLS Clip + IR Cut. Guided with Meade DSI and 50mm finder. Only darks. I am getting a darker band on the lower part of the image, does anyone know what can be causing this? I can't remove it with flats. I will have to catch this one again, next time with a lower ISO and more lights.
  10. Thank you Gina, your's is very nice too!
  11. Looking very good! Lots of stars and color
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