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  1. as posted in another section earlier today - I have some Tasco 16 x 50's , mainly used on the beach looking at passing shipping . Just in last few days bought some Celestron 25 x 70's , not yet tested but am going to the beach this week to make comparisons between both pairs .
  2. Since joining last week , I havn't seen much mention of 25 x 70's or is it just me ? . as mentioned in my intro , I have been using Tasco 16 x 50's for years , mostly on the beach looking at passing shipping . Last week I decided to buy the 25 x 70's from Maplins , £62 incl delivery ,came on third day by 2nd class post . I havn't managed to use them for astro as yet although I managed to look at the crescent moon in daylight yesterday between clouds , seemed pretty good . Not a huge difference over the 16 x 50's though . Purely to check focussing and performance I shall be going to Calshot or Lepe to make comparisons in daylight this week , looking across towards Cowes and Spithead . I always take my glasses off with bins . I already know that my flimsy aluminium photo tripod is not up to much , and having read the helpful comments , in reply to my intro , I shall be looking out for a much heavier tripod although the fence post sunk into my lawn seems a good idea .......I really was hoping to take photos THROUGH the bins so that's my quest . The other is maybe some form of parallel gizmo on a counter-weighted arm so I can lounge back on a chair instead of having to support the bins . The 25 x 70' weigh about 400 grams more that the 16 x 50's . More later . Great forum
  3. Many thanks to all with your welcome messages . Ronin - are you saying that taking a photo actually through the bins is not optically possible ? I was kind of hoping there would be a way . I've seen some contraptions on u-tube with people trying it . any further comments welcome .
  4. Hello , I have had an interest in astronomy since about 1957 when I was ten . Never had enough dosh to get a telescope , once read a library book about grinding one's own lenses but gave that a miss . A few years ago I bought a pair of 16x50 bins mostly for use at the seaside . I have just ordered a pair of Celestron 25x70 bins and although they are cheap I have read good reports so looking forward to trying them out . I am quite keen to see whether I can attatch my digital camera to the bins ( Fujifilm 6500 ) ( manual zoom) . I have been looking at some of the Heath Robinson ideas for camera/bin mounting but any comments from members would be appreciated .
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