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  1. Hi adrian welcolme to SGL just down the road in ipswich!!
  2. Ohh poo i knew i forgot something, looked at jupiter for about 30 mins lastnight and totally forgot about neptune!!! ill remember tonight!!
  3. Was really nice and clear lastnight here in ipswich, spotted the iss for the first time and tracked it with my dob, it was as bright as jupiter. Was a great night!
  4. Hi phil, ive a skyliner 300p dob, it is big and quite heavy but the views i get through it are amazing and i soon forget about my aching arms!! moving it outside in 2 parts is not a problem as it only takes 30 seconds to stick it back together! i keep it inside when not in use and it takes up hardly any room!!
  5. Welcome Math, hope you enjoy
  6. You can now eat dinner off your lightbridge too!!
  7. That looks a really professional job!! very nice
  8. I have the 300p solid and find handling it fairly easy, Taking the tube off the mount takes about 1 min, Ive only had it out a few times and im really impressed with it, i find the mount and scope very easy to control, all in all im very happy but im no expert!! id say go for it!!!
  9. Well done amanda, im also a newbie when it comes to dso's!! m13 is great aint it!! i managed to find the dumbell nebula lastnight but was very faint as it was quite low down! Bring on the darker sky's!!
  10. Cheers Amanda, Thats another must find on the list!!
  11. Cheers for the tips brianb. your right about all night, doesnt seem to get dark really!! cant wait for winter!!
  12. saw m13 lastnight, was amazing!! and m57 which was great, im new to all this so hav so much to learn!!
  13. to be honest i aint really studied planets to much as saturn goes out of my view about 11 and its still very light then! i had a look at quick look at jupiter yesterday morning around 3.30 and could easily see 5 moons and the banding on the planet! think i went to a 9mm eyepiece and was still very clear! From what ive viewed of saturn has been though a low mag piece! ill give it a good go when the skies start to get darker!! only had the scope for a couple of days and really impressed so far
  14. Hi kelly, how about m13 or m57, i viewed them for the first time lastnight! A really big WOW!!
  15. collimation is holding very good, done it when i first got the scope and checked it everytime before i use it and its holding very well!
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