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  1. Thanks bomberbaz. This actually was the video I used to start with. I will redo the process, maybe I was off a bit.
  2. I saw Andromeda for the first time on Sept. 26th. I felt the same way. I couldn't believe that it's been there all along and I never saw it when I could have seen it with just binoculars. Way cool!
  3. Skooby, I just bought my first telescope at the beginning of the summer. Nearly every night of clear skies I have had a chance to get my telescope out there has been a bright moon. When there have been other celestial events such as meteor showers and the recent lunar eclipse, the cloud cover is thicker than ever. I think it is natures way of taming the enthusiasm of newbies.
  4. Mostly in my yard since it is dark. The headlights from cars make it difficult to try and see early. Occasionally I have gone to the front, but it has to be way after midnight. I live in a rural area with NO streetlights so when cars come through they have their high beam lights on. There have been time when I just open the back or front door, pull my scope in the middle of the doorway and point it somewhere interesting. I'm still new to this and quite enamored with anything I see through my scope.
  5. Fantastic. Thank you for making this work of yours available. I have been considering how to log and journal as I find my way around the sky. This will be a great tool. I have not heard of the Caldwell objects. So, so much to learn and so, so grateful for this community to nudge me along the way
  6. Could you explain what you mean? I am new to eq mounts and I don't want to be a bendy bolt victim. Thanks.
  7. I have done this and still have to use both RA and DEC to follow objects. Any suggestions about what I may have done incorrectly. I bought my Astromaster 130 EQ early this summer and this has been one of the frustrating aspects of using it. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for this fabulous and much needed information. I bought my first telescope this summer, a Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ, and have spent hours upon hours in my backyard gathering the light. This article provided the confirmation I needed that I am not crazy for getting so excited about what I don't see in my telescope. Last year I found Saturn for the first time through my husband's spotting scope and I gathered everyone around to see. Need I say they were not as enthused as I. When I first got my 130mm I expected to see more, but, my disappointment was short lived. I hope other newbies that who might possibly lose interest from their first views will happen upon this article and be spared.
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