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  1. thanks for posting that, quite instructive
  2. All, I'm looking for 240 volt inverter to power my laptop from the car cigarette socket when I'm away from the mains - I'll probably be out for 6 hours so the laptop battery won't have enough juice. Does anybody have an recommendations? (Otherwise it will probably be maplins) thanks Alan
  3. Thanks for the comments. I'll bump up the iso and try a longer exposure. I get some noise -red pixels randomly appearing.
  4. All, I have bought a Canon 1000D. I tried it out last night using my C80 ED using the live view mode. It worked OK on planets, but I couldn't see any stars on the screen. Has anybody else had experience of using this? Am I expecting too much or am I missing something? cheers Alan
  5. Just bought Nadeem's (Debeb) 1000D 2nd hand but it's still mint condition. I'm coming from a 300D. I was initally a bit disappointed as the body finish isn't quite as nice as other Canons I have had (ok it's the bottom of the range), but when I switched it on - Wow! It is soo fast compared to the 300D, the read and write time to the memory card is barely noticable and the power up is pretty quick too. It has none of the shortcomings in DSLR/digital cams I have owned previously.
  6. Interesting to see all these negative comments about the DDG. I saw an advert for one and wondered what its value was. It's a shame that it has been implemented at the expense of the basic functionality of the focuser. From the comments here it sounds like you would be better off going for the cheaper skywatcher!
  7. Hi, the 250px is a great choice and should keep you entertained for years. Just make sure you have somewhere to store it and you are OK with carrying it around. One gets very little sense of scale looking on web sites regarding the size of telescopes. If you can find a local astro club and find someone who would show you a similar sized dob you will have a much better idea. Budget to buy a red dot finder/telrad. Cheers Alan
  8. HEQ5 will struggle more with the 200p than the refractors. Especially if you factor in a guide scope and other gubbins.
  9. Drew, welcome from Aberdeen, not looking too cloudy today! Hope it stays clear for you at the weekend, cheers Alan
  10. Astrosource sent out a second cheque special delivery last week which I received on Saturday morning, so the story's ended with good news.
  11. I'm with A-B, never even thought of naming them!
  12. Alan, I think it depends on whether you are talking deep sky or planetary. One night I compared my SW 200p with my evostar 90 for lunar observation. If you could live with the Chromatic abberation the evostar beat 200p. I know the 200p would blow the evostar away on deep sky though. I read somewhere in the S@N magazine that there isn't much benefit in resoluton for apertures above 110mm for most UK conditions. Light grasp is a different ball game though... cheers Alan
  13. Once you get the altitude set up (which you only need to do once), the azimuth alignment isn't that critical for visual observation. I often just point my mount where I think North is and it usually works fairly well.
  14. Franki, Lovely images. What's the cool down time on the TSA120? Cheers Alan
  15. Saturn's such a great planet, it's always worth looking at!
  16. That's an ace photo, just shows you what you can do with a relatively cheap refractor and a lot of skill!
  17. Ahh yes Saturn's my favourite planet. I'm really stoked this evening, set up my 200p out in unpromising conditions (windy and clouds) and took a look a Saturn, not only could I see Titan but I could just make out 2 or 3 other moons with averted vision. I took a look on Stellarium and they are 4 other of Saturn's moons Tethys, Rhea, Dione and Enceladus. Rhea and Dione look really close together. Sadly I didn't spot iapetus although I wasn't looking for it. Any geologists out there - is a there a link between Saturn's moons and ancient oceans ? I have heard of Iapetus and Tethys but never Rhea or Dione...
  18. Mick, thanks for the report. Some useful targets to aim for, cheers Alan
  19. There were some aurora over Aberdeenshire last week, but I missed them
  20. Bear in mind Summer's at hand and we don't get much proper night time for the next 3 months so don't be in too much of a hurry to shell out your cash.
  21. All, has anybody had any dealings with Astrosource UK (http://www.astrosource.co.uk/)? I put an order for a 13mm ethos in February and it still hasn't turned up despite many calls. Asked for a refund at the start of this week which they promised would be out by Tuesday, still not cheque... Thanks Alan
  22. Ryan, if you fancy making the long journey up to Aberdeen we have an astronomy society there. There's an observatory in Dundee as well. Welcome to SGL, cheers Alan
  23. Thanks for your work and please stay around!
  24. Excellent report, I must spend more time looking at my targets - patience patience!
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