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  1. What is the correct size and length for the lock and safety screws used in Sky-Watcher mounts (NEQ3/EQ5) to secure the dovetail bar? Also what is the size and length for the azimuth adjustment screws?
  2. Does anyone know what is the weight of the optical tube and the mount with the alluminium tripod? How portable is this telescope?
  3. I though the above binoculars were more popular, but it seems that not many people are using them. I am interested in any differences of the optical quality between the two.
  4. http://shop.technopro.co.za/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=881&zenid=fm7dkc4bsj2tu5of9pc8ioc893 I know that this telescope is now replaced by a new model with a black optical tube and a white mount, but I found the older model secondhand and I am considering it as a grab and go solution. Are there any known issues with the optical tube or the mount?
  5. Why not also consider the Helios Quantum-4 15x70? They are advertised as waterproof and nitrogen-filled and should be better optically. I have not tried them, but have been thinking about these for a long time.
  6. What about using the alluminium storage case that a lot of binoculars are supplied with? Would it be possible to carry this in a cabin?
  7. Is anyone using the Sky-Watcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian (153mm f/7.84)? How does it perform on planets? Is coma still present in this telescope?
  8. Does anyone own the Helios Quantum-4 15x70 or Quantum-3 20x80 and uses them without a tripod? Are both binoculars supplied in an aluminium carry case?
  9. What sort of performance should I expect from inexpensive 20x80 binoculars? Some choices are: Revelation Premium 20x80 (Telescope House) £89.99 Adler Jupiter 20x80ZCF (Pulsar Optical) £88.49 Is anyone using these binoculars and can comment about their performance?
  10. Does anyone know how easy it would be to carry the Helios Quantum-4 15x70 or Quantum-3 20x80 binoculars in a plane? Both are supposed to come with a hard case, but how heavy and bulky are they really?
  11. Has anyone tried the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS for astronomy?
  12. Does the 15x70 come with an aluminium storage/carry case? What is the total weight of these binoculars including the case?
  13. How good is the Canon 18-55 mm EF-S Zoom Lens (non IS) that comes with Canon EOS 1000D for astronomy and daylight use?
  14. They only list the 10.5x70 model on their website.
  15. Does anyone know if the Apollo 15x70 binoculars are available in a camera shop in central London?
  16. Does this mean that it will work with the above cameras? Do the CANON EOS 450D/500D/1000D cameras have an APS-C sensor?
  17. Is anyone using this lens? How does it perform in astronomy? Is this lens compatible with the CANON EOS 450D/500D/1000D?
  18. Does anyone have experience with the above two binoculars? Both seem to be good choices and should not differ much in performance, however the Pentax costs around £195 and the Helios around £285 which is a significant price difference. I know that the Pentax has a much narrower field of view than the Helios, but I think the extra magnification would be more useful.
  19. Does anyone have experience with this company located in Norfolk?
  20. What is the usability of a refractor like the Celestron Omni XLT 120 (CG-4) or the Skywatcher Evostar 120 (EQ3-2) that come with a non-GOTO GEM? How easy is to use such a "large" refractor to find objects other than the moon and the planets?
  21. How can someone order from Novosibirsk directly?
  22. Where are TAL Plossls available from? Warehouse Express has them but they only ship to selected European countries. Any other sources?
  23. Can a T-adapter be used for planetary photography (perhaps with a barlow) and can a tele-extender be used without an eyepiece for prime focus photography?
  24. Is there an advantage to chooce a 2" T-adapter instead of a 1.25" one when using a refractor with a 2" focuser?
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