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  1. Hi Is anyone using a 50/60mm guider scope with the LVI smart guider 2 ? Thanks J
  2. How much more detail would you get from 20 hours of data compared to say 10 ? Is there an average time to aim for ? Thanks J
  3. As far as I understand it if you don’t have good alignment and then guide you will get field rotation.
  4. to one of these ? http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_accessories/Focusers/dual_speed_2_crayford_focuser_for_sky_watcher_refractors
  5. ok, just the stock focuser with sw 80ed had a male thread which you could interchange adaptors etc.
  6. Thanks for your help, i've order a bag over various sizes. Next question though ! Shouldnt the the 2" eye peice holder unscrew from the focuser tube
  7. Hi All On the 2" eye piece adaptor there is a grub screw, I’ve manage to miss lay this could someone kindly measure this so I can find a replacement. Ta
  8. Bump Question for those who have used DARV. when selecting a star should it be average brightness one ? just i tried this the other night and i used Sirius. now the line looked very much that it had overlapped but it occured to me later that as it was so bright that maybe the two lines and just blurred together. or should i turn the iso setting right down ?
  9. Thought i would hijack this old thread instead of starting a new one. I have pier but not obs. Could anyone tell how you would select a new target with out having to go back into the house where the laptop would be ? or is a case of taking the laptop with you ? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys How are people finding the star alignment after usising this ? Cheers J
  11. BBC News - Smog alert in England and Wales not going to improve tonight then
  12. but they should still be able to tell you if they are in stock.
  13. Arent these guys the supplier for everyone in the uk ? Skywatcher Astronomical Telescopes - Best Telescopes by OVL call them and find out.
  14. understanding weather charts will give you the best idea of what kind of weather to expect, then the beeb have imrpoved their service no end recently and if you can find a local weather station this should be able to give dew points and local wind, temp etc.
  15. Hi I accidently bumped into the mount the other day and i was surprised when the RA axis moved. I was always under the impression that with everything tighten there shouldn’t be any movement but with the lock tight i can still with some weight move it. I'm wondering if this is why I can’t seem to nail down my drift alignment. Anybody else had this and is there something i can tighten? Thanks J
  16. Thanks martin, that’s what I thought should happen. Now on about the 4 turn the circles were close and it required just a slight tightening of the bolts i was then expecting the next attempt to show almost to adjustment need instead it seem to go back to where i started the evening at that point i decided not make that adjustment and move to the azimuth adjustment. I went back to altitude adjust again and again it was showing a large adjustment needed. I'm going to take a single long exposure to check how much drift there still is.
  17. Hi All i trying to use Eqalign for my drift alignment, when doing the east/west part when do you stop ? when the two circles become merged or does the progam tell you ? thanks J
  18. Hi I've started with a un-modded canon 450 partly because i wanted a good camera for everyday stuff and also if i found out astrophotography wasn’t for me then it wont be a total finical loss. Hopefully once I’ve got the hang of want im doing i will then look to invest in a modded cam or CCD. (Though i think CCD will win out long term) J
  19. Yep I see what you are trying to achieve there I just wonder if the banding will result in losing good info as well ? I wonder if it would be better to find the camera's limit and keep below it. anyway its all good info for me we could all just invest in a cdd or one of these Cooled DSLR
  20. I'll hopefully be doing long exposure with my dslr shortly as well so knowing its limitations will be useful, I just get the feeling your trails might be in vain as effectively the darks are just lights (just the dust cap is on). The conditions to replicate these banding's should be easily repeatable should they not ? Possibly indoors in a dark room ?
  21. Andy wont there be a lot more noise left behind in your lights if the darks are done at a different temperature? Also how sure are you that this banding dosent appear in your lights as well ?
  22. Nooooooo, seen similar, no thanks more like this http://www.myastrospace.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2069
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