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  1. Hi all and thanks for helping. I´m using the same equipment now as when it was new.The only real facts I have at this time is: I use an other length on the T-adapter and that i couldn´t get focus in the eyepiece with the same diagonal as I used before. I got focus with the camera and a 65mm adapter before and now i don´t get focus with that adapter anymore. But I get focus with the camera and I have taken some photos with it. Can I be such an idiot to forgotten the locking bolts? Probably, but when I got focus with the camera I was happy and didn´t try the eyepiece any more. And after my eyeop
  2. Hi everyone! I have a Celestron 14" EdgeHD tube. I have had it for 3 years and used it very little the first year. But I have moved to a darker place and have started to use it regularly. When I used it directly after i bought it I could use a diagonal and an eyepiece and watch the stars, and with a 65mm long T-adapter and my Canon 550D I got focus. Now I can´t get focus with an eye-piece and a diagonal, and with the camera I have to use a 20mm T-adapter to reach focus. So the focus seems to have changed about 45mm. I stored it in the box it came in but on a south-side glass-sealed balcony on
  3. WOW. Thank you all. I really feel welcome, even if I have been here "reading and learning" for some time. I have used the guides for all my questions so this is the place to be. Clear skyes.
  4. Hi all! I´m from the south of Sweden in a quite dark environment. I´m just starting with astrophoto and guiding and stuff. Oh, it´s tons of things to take into the eqvation. I´m happy to have found this place, I won´t need to bother you with a lot of silly questions because of all really good guides. Thanx! Clear skyes to all!
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