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  1. Thanks for the tips, I think wrap it and strap it should work x
  2. Hi, I've got a skywatcher 200p on a dobsonian mount. In a few weeks time I'm going to Ireland and I have no idea how to transport/package it up safely. Any ideas are appreciated. thanks, M
  3. I try and watch it when I can, last night it was ace, very bright
  4. Partially cloudy for me. Hoping for a break so I can start getting my head round what's what in the night sky
  5. I've put some red cellophane over the iPad so it won't affect my night vision too much!!
  6. So tonight I am planning on sitting out the back and trying to figure what and where things are in the night sky. I've got Philip's night sky atlas and I've got a star map app on the iPad but was wondering if there are any useful hints and tips for learning the night sky? Cheers Mairead
  7. Thanks everyone, some great advice I do try and leave the scope out to cool down but sometimes I can be a little impatient! Those website have been really useful in terms of managing my expectations of what I should be able to see. If I'm honest, I've shyed away from collimation because I don't really understand it but I know if I want to get the best of my scope then I need to get my head round it, Thanks again, Mairead
  8. hi everyone I am new to astronomy and I've been given a skywatcher skyliner 200p scope. The lenses that came with the scope are a 10mm (x120 mag) and 25mm wide angle long eye relief (x48 mag) My problem is that I don't seem to be able to see as much as this forum and other places on the net suggests I should, e.g. Jupiter - I can see a small ball of light and 4 pin pricks of light for its moons I was expecting to be able to see a larger image of Jupiter and pick out more of the planet's detail. Can anyone suggest what other lenses that I should purchase? Or any other ideas as to how I can improve the imagery? Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance! Mairead
  9. Madgexox

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! Last night I was lucky enough to get clear skies and the first look at the moon through my scope. WOW! It was truly spectacular. Hopping for more clear skies tonight Madge
  10. Madgexox

    Hello everyone

    Hi Everyone I've just joined the forum and I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Madge from Manchester and while I've always had a small interest in astronomy I've decided recently to dedicate much more time to it. I've recently been given a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p scope so i am trying to get my head round this piece of kit and learn more about the night sky and work out the best ways to view certain objects. I'm also thinking of joining a local astronomy club, I think Macc Astro is my nearest, anyone here a member of it? Madge
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