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  1. Hi Kerry, I use my Mac but run all my kit through Windows 7 using Boot Camp and Parallels. My only main issue I have at the moment is memory, i run my system using 4GB but definitely needs another 4 to run smoothly I reckon. One of those upgrades I have not got around to yet... I'm pretty sure there are users on here who actually use OSX to run their mounts, it just doesn't do what I want so PC it is. I still do all my processing on the Mac using PixInsight though.
  2. I expect it's down to the time and effort involved, I know he builds all of the units himself. The number of people using a focus unit such as this must be rather small though. Had a few problems with software crashing or working strange, I'm 95% sure this is down to using OSX and Boot Camp/Parallels to run Windows rather than a PC. It definitely does a better job at focusing than I do! lol
  3. I have one of these too and have been over the moon with it so far, Dave is a friendly guy who is always willing to help if you have any issues. At the moment I am using it as a Dew Heater but will be on my WO GT-81 as soon as I work out the best way to attach it.
  4. Morning John, I know a few on here have made their own which I was going to do too, only problem is that I really don't have the time these days. Take a look at a Sharpsky Pro which is made by a chap in Bristol. This one has an ASCOM compliant Focuser & Dew Heater all in one package. If you have any questions about it then I'm sure he would be able to answer them. Steve....
  5. Maybe I should have pointed it directly to the pages I was looking at, which is "QSI-532 / QSI-583 CCD camera performances comparison" and "Noise and electronic gain evaluation of a sample of astronomical CCD cameras" Sorry for the confusion. Steve....
  6. I've been watching many threads trying to get a better understanding of CCD's before I buy one. With so many makes and models out there I'm glad i'm giving myself 6 odd months to decide.... Found a page on Astrosurf's site that I hope may prove useful http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/cameras.htm Even though I will admit that some of this goes over my head, I still enjoy reading the posts. Keep up the good work as every bit of information helps with my final decision. Steve
  7. Unfortunately it says that I am not authorised to view this page!
  8. Hiya Scott and Welcome! I'm in North Bristol and I know what you mean about LP, not good at all... Haven't been out much with my Scope yet so can't suggest anywhere to head to, I'm sure others will know.
  9. Hi there Matti and welcome to SGL.
  10. That's the exact one! Not too sure what others are available but this one does me just fine. Don't take my word on it, read a few reviews on it and decide. I'm no expert by a long shot.
  11. Can i suggest a Giotto's Super Rocket Air Blower, it wasn't cheap but it's a fine piece of kit which has done a good job over the years. It's pretty big so fits snugly in your hand and supply's a good puff of air. I use it for photography but has been great with my scope too, i would be lost without it.
  12. Morning Rik, You are right, maybe I am expecting far too much from such a cheap scope, was hoping to see points of light but so far it has been smudges. I didn't think it would need polar alignment with such short exposures, thought this wouldn't be such a bit issue with around 1 sec. All the same, still happy with the scope for observing.
  13. Got the lockup working with my remote release but it does not seem to make much diffference. I think that I will have to admit that there are limitations to my current setup and it is never going to work. While I am still happy with what I have, I am a little disappointed that I cannot take any type of picture of the stars with the ST80 and am better off using my standard 105mm or the 24-70. Once I go through the images I did take I will post a few to show the results. Still looking forward to the next night out even though I do seem to faff about too much...
  14. James.. I hear what you are saying about Polar Alignment but this was happening at 0.5 sec exposures too, definitely not got the skills to be doing this yet. All of the evidence does seem to be pointing to vibrations from the camera so i will work on this first. Upahill.. Yup it has a lockup feature, just reading about it at the moment. I think i can get this working with my remote, not too sure about USB though so will have to read up. Mrjolly.. Why didn't I think of that!! lol
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