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  1. Beautifull, I like it very much! I have a plan to make small free program like google moon (only for visible side). So I'll need quality images. If you want you could be a member of a team to send images and we will program and make it look beater! In some close time I wont have a free time but later if you would like... All forum can be a team if make an deal, like a small forum's project ! Филип
  2. @Adamsp123 Chola or Чола are first four letters of my family name, and most of friends call me like that... It has no meaning in Serbian language (and in languages in ex-Yugosalavia to)... Maybe it means something in some other language ???
  3. Yes it is, you can call me like that if it's easier to you to say You are right, it is not the same as 700mm mirror. I met the men that was making the same, and it's very, very hard. Now he stopped all the works with that project... It's all nice on paper, but it's just beater to buy 300mm scope...
  4. Letenka star party 23.7-26.7... Letenka is place in Fruska Gora mountain near Novi Sad city. In these three days ll' bi some lecture and a lot of observing... Sleeping is in your camp, their is some small stores for food, and toilets... short movie about camp For more info visit astronomija.co.rs / astronomija.rs Sea you there
  5. Thanks! I hope that the people from my astronomy club will help... When I sad that we have no experience in ATM, i thought on experience with mirror making, we were making other things for telescopes and small refractors and finders but never mirrors
  6. Because i will have a mirror that grabs light with the same area as the 700mm mirror ??? These is only theory, i don't know is good to try :/ look these picture http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/wiredscience/images/2008/10/01/gmt.jpg The same disain but only I thought to have newton telescope...
  7. Hi, I am thinking to make seven mirror of D of 100mm and gather them to make one big telescope... This 'll be my first mirror, do you thing that that's imposable mission? Friends that will make it with me has no experience with telescope making too, is it hard to make that much mirror with the same focal ? It'll be most probably newton reflector on dobson montage till we gather the money for good computerized montage... beginner Thanks and sorry if my English is bad
  8. HI! I am thinking to buy new telescope... I need a scope wich is easy to transport, because I live in big city, so I have to travel(I am not old eunght to drive ) so it has to be small scope(that I can put it in a bag or something) .I am intresed in deapsky observing. What do you think about this telescopes? Wich is better for me... Thanks!!!!
  9. Hi! I am thinking to buy a new 200/1200 DOB telescope ...What are you thinking about this scope?Have you ever observed with him?Is there better chose for the same money,I have two problems,first:in my country(Serbia) only the SkyWatcher has a store so i'll have to buy some of them,i don't want to buy telescope by internet,because it is too complicate in Serbia (some times it can not be delivered to buyers ).Second: This telescope is almost 200e more exspencive in Serbia than in Germany,so the price can be problem sometimes I hope that you have understand me ....
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