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  1. After being out of the fray for a while due to sale of Revelation dob and eyepieces to finance repairs to van (), am now back into things again! I need a new tube for my home made dob as it's made from ribbed sewage pipe and will give these people a call on Monday Cardboard Tubes | Postal Tubes | Essex Tubes so maybe worth trying them. Justin
  2. Well, the set arrived yesterday (Thanks Steve!) and amazingly enough, they didn't come with the obligatory cloud cover so I was able to try them last night. My only benchmark is my 26mm 2" but all performed admirably with some wonderful views of Saturn and M57 (which I was showing some friends) with the 20mm being my particular favourite at the moment. I was amazed at the difference the filters made when the scope was turned towards Jupiter, they really bought the cloud bands out despite the carp seeing. Just can't wait for some non-moonlit nights! The case is excellent as well with extra spac
  3. Thanks to the excellent link posted by Upgrader, the laser is now collimated and back in service. Moral: Don't use a catfood box as a jig for your laser, do the job properly! Cheers Justin
  4. Perhaps you should have done what I did and leave the anorak at home?
  5. Excellent link Upgrader, thank you. I tried rotating 90 degrees, marking on the paper then marking the centre of the four dots then aligning the laser to that but to no avail. I would have thought that the four dots I marked would give a square but it was a wonky shape with no parallel sides. Wonder if my jig was to blame, it was a catfood box with some cutouts in it! Will try the one in the link and have another crack before I give up and give it away to someone with more patience than me! Cheers Justin
  6. I have had two occasions recently where I have shown Saturn and the Moon to people who've never looked through telescopes before. The first was for the Interrnational Sidewalk Astronomy night, me and three other society members set up at Tescos and before long we attracted a large group of partygoers. The comments ranged from WOW, OOOOO, AHHHHHHH and several expletives and "you've stuck that on the front of the scope!" The second was when a collegue at work asked me for advise on buying a scope for his wife. I took my Revelation to their house, WOW's, OOOO's and Ahhh's again. I get a nice war
  7. Ordered this set on Friday from FLO, seems like amazing value for money. Hopefully will get a chance to use them if the clouds disperse and post some thoughts about them. Justin
  8. Hello all, Well, I thought as the weather is going to be bad for a few days, I'd try and sort my laser collimator out. The laser diode bit isn't in the housing parallel as confirmed by pointing it at a wall whilst it was in a test jig and rotating it. The thing is, a few tweaks of the three bolts holding the diode in place and it's well and truly messed up now. Soooooooooo..........does anyone have a foolproof method for aligning the laser as I have fiddled with the bolts to no avail. Thanks in advance, Justin
  9. Cheers Phil, I'll give that a try. The whole system just seems 'loose' somehow and I guess that stiffer springs would tighten the whole affair up somewhat. Justin PS: Love the QDD, well done on an excellent project.
  10. Evenin' all, Having borrowed a Cheshire, I have been playing with the Revelation collimation and it strikes me that the collimation springs seem to be very weak. Has anyone replaced theirs with something stronger? When the locking bolts are tightened up finger tight, the whole thing goes out of collimation again! Anyone done any super mods to counteract this? Justin
  11. Thanks Geoff, looks the ticket and thanks for the offer Steve, much appreciated. Justin
  12. Morning all, favour time! Anyone have instructions for a Colli-Mate Deluxe Cheshire they could e-mail me? Borrowed one last night and would like to know how to use it! Or perhaps I'm being dim and it's really simple? How far into the focuser do you insert the Colli-Mate? Why do the cross hairs look out of focus? Cheers Justin
  13. Not much being said about Comet Swan recently so here goes.... Managed to view Comet Swan through all the murk and clouds last night. Very bright nucleus and a lovely greeny tinge to it as well. Just nudging the scope a little bought M13 into view as well so a nice pairing with the comet looking significantly brighter. Even the wife ventured out for an eyeful! Have to confess to spending ages looking for it in the Keystone before realising I was looking in the head of Draco Still I'm sure we've all done it! Justin
  14. Hi Phil, that sure is looking good! Quick question, what are you going to use to cover the mirror when the scope is not in use? I was thinking of utilising your design and thought of a sliding cover to stop things falling on the mirror. Any thoughts? Justin
  15. Lovely and clear but very hazy, managed to view M74 (a first!) and M27 before everything ended up swimming in dew On a different tack, was looking around for a program to record all the Messiers I find and found this: http://www.davidpaulgreen.com/download.html and very nice it is too! Justin
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