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  1. I insist on curiosity on things, just because I am playing with things and asking questions about them, just because somebody else disagrees, fine, my question still stands about the method in the OP, it was not about what is the best tool, it was not about what tool should I use, I was asking about the point of diminiish returns usint the method specified in the OP, I bid you good day; Im leaving.
  2. Yes I have that, i have a few stacking programs here, my curiousity was about the method in the OP that is why I get very annoyed when people push threads off topic.
  3. My hardware is Windows 7 64bit 8 core CPU 16gb ram. Does that help? Camera 1100D, does that help? I don't want to talk about Registax and getting it to work for stacking, I am interested in the method in my OP, discussing Registax does not assist me with my question regarding the opening question regarding the stacking forumla and trend towards 0% opacity and when is there diminishing returns on the number of layers stacked.
  4. Nice, has anybody got a price comparission between these reviewed?
  5. My setup is Photoshop, the forumla in Excel as shown in the picture. I didn't create this to talk about Registax, please.
  6. I don't really want to go off topic about Registax, can somebody help with the graph above and their expiereince using similar forumas for stacking, thanks.
  7. No thanks, I have tried registax for stacking many times, nope, not ever again. Been there, fiddled with every button imaginable. I just moved on and use it for stacking that does work somewhat. So, with stacking using the opacity forumula as above, is there any point in going beyond 25..30 images due to the flatlining trend to 0%?
  8. None of them work for stacking for me, so I simply, don't use it. I use it for wavelet sharpening though (as stated in my OP).
  9. Hi, I am using Photoshop to stack my Lunar images becaues I can never get Registax to work (I just use it for wavelet sharpening, at least that part works ok ), so I use the automate import to layers with auto align checked. This works great. Now, I then use my spreadsheet to calcualte the opacity levels as per usual for stacking layers (more details at http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/image-averaging-noise.htm), and the forumla I use is OPACITY = 100 / layer position . I get the following trend towards 0% opacity curve. According to this curve, is there any point in stacking more than 25 to 30 images since you are flat lining towards 0%. Thanks.
  10. I found this helical focuser from Borg, however, http://www.firstlightoptics.com/helical-focusers/borg-helical-focuser-s-7315.html I am confused as to this 31mm (1.25") to M36.4 adapter, is that just the nosepeice for it to slot into the focuser? Can it not be used without it?
  11. thanks, why would I need an extender? I can achieve focus on my Mak with and without a powermate/barlow.
  12. Can we not just build a big wall so they clouds cannot get past? http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2014/02/25/giant-walls-tornado-alley/5808887/
  13. Hi, Can anybody recommend a good helical focuser, I have a T-mount and adaptor for my Canon, it is to put onto a Mak which as one knows, is very bouncy due to fibration and the built in mirror focuser, do helical focusers help reduce this vibration when used on a Mak? Also, price range will have to be below £100. Thanks.
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