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  1. Saw Venus this morning. It was pretty cool. I used the 13mm lens plus the barlow 2x lens. The planet was blue on the left side, white (silver) in the middle and red on the right side. The moon was pretty cool too.
  2. Hello Dave, Sorry to get back to you so late. I can't say that there was one thing that allowed me to figure out how to align my telescope. It was playing around with it everyday and reading the instructions. Although I must say that the instructions don't always make sense. Celestron helped me quite a bit over the phone. There many others on this forum that advised me to be patient. This is the best advice that I can give you. Just be patient, keep trying and eventually it will be become second nature. The hardest part for me was finding an object on the telescope after I pointed at the object with my finderscope. I had to move the telescope two and a half inches to the right and approximately an eighth of an inch down to center the star on the telescope after pointing at it with the finderscope. Louis
  3. The moon was really bright today and the sky was clear. Using a 6mm lens and a red filter made me feel like a I could touch the moon. Right behind the moon was Saturn and its lovely rings. Good night to be out gazing at stars.
  4. Hello again Fellow Stargazers, Finding stars using the finderscope is becoming easy now. I am not using the GoTo function right now because I can only see around three eighths of the sky from my deck. Therefore there is no real need to align the telescope. When I go out to some really dark area where the entire sky is visable there should be no problem aligning the scope. The 2x Barlow lens is tricky to use but I'm getting the hang of that too. The Celestron Nexstar 8SE is a good telescope that I can now recommend highly. It takes awhile for us beginners to get the hang of it but it's worth the effort. Of course like most beginners I wish that I had a big enough telescope to find some of the billions of exoplanets that we have in our galaxy. It's good to dream.
  5. Today I found Saturn. I used the First Light software that came with the telescope to see what was available to me. Saturn was southeast from deck at 10:30 PM central time. I looked up to the sky to see what objects were bright in the sky. Found an object. Pointed the telescope to that object and it turned out to be Saturn. It was pretty cool to see the rings around the planet. Didn't use the GoTo application today. Used the direction arrows to peruse the night sky. It's a little hard on the neck when the telescope is pointing straight up. All in all the telescope is turning out to be pretty cool. Still have to learn how to use the Barlow lens. It was attached to my telescope but I could not see anything through it. It'll be figured out. Happy stargazing to all.
  6. Last night was my first night in an area where I could examine the entire sky. Unfortunately I did not bring a compass with me. That was a big mistake. Didn't know what direction I was facing and I did not have my computer with me because I could not get internet service at this park. The "Sky Align" procedure of the NexStar system does not require one to know the stars but it never seems to work for me. It's easy to point at the star with the finder scope but it is hard to find that same star in the eyepiece. I ended up just moving the telescope up and down and left to right. Didn't find anything spectactular but the night sky was beautiful. Still waiting for my chance to see Saturn and Jupiter. Maybe I'll move to Chile where one can see tons of stars in the sourthern part of our Milky Way galaxy.
  7. Hello Stargazers, Per Celestron's instructions I was able to load the proper program onto my handset. Thank you Celestron support. Afterwards I had a successful two star alignment. The finderscope worked well. The first alignment procedure that I attempted was the sky allign. That did not go so well. It was easy doing the finderscope part but finding the star through the eyepiece was tough. I gave up on that one. It was great to get the telescope aligned properly for only my second and first time since coming back from Cancun. Using the telescope on my deck is very limited. I can only look south east because I have homes obstructing my vision. The only planet in our solar system that was availabe was pluto. It looked like a very distant start. Tomorrow night will be the first night that I venture away from the house. It would be nice to have an attempt at finding Saturn and Jupiter.
  8. Hello Again My fellow Stargazers, No success again this morning with the alignment. It seems however that when I unlocked the handset and downloaded the CFM program that I no longer have the same options as before. For example, I no longer have the options to do a "Sky Align" or an "Auto Two-Star Align. When I do the regular "Two-Star Align" I am prompted for a "Calib Star" which I do not see in the instructions. So far All I have seen with this telescope that I can not see with my naked eye is the surface of the moon. With that said, I am certain that with time and the help of Celestron support, I'll be finding Saturn and Jupiter one day.
  9. Hey Nottsbloke. I am not saying that turning the telescope on and off quickly does not cause the problem that I had. I was not turning the telescope on and off when my problem started. As a matter of fact I had not turned the telescope on in over a week because I was on vacation. Since I have to take the telescope to a dark place and put all the pieces together in a dark, I decided to take it all apart and put it back together several times in my house. This included unplugging the handset from the GoTo functions. After doing this several times and putting everything back together I received the "bootloader invalid package 0080" error. The intructions from the Celestron website were pretty good. My problem was that I thought I had extracted the CFM program file but that did not actually happen even though my pc indicated that it had happened. It took me a few hours to get around this. Now I have to work on getting the telescope alligned using the finderscope. It has not been working well for me but I am sure that I will get better with time. Alligning the telescope during the day is good practice. Well thank you all for you help. I wish all of you pleasant skies. Not so bummed out now
  10. Attempted to allign the telescope today using the one star alignment. The GoTo function stated that it was alligned. Not even close. It's weird that I used the star Vega to allign the telescope. After it was alligned supposedly, I directed it to find Vega. The telescope pointed straight down. Almost like it was giving up. I didn't get a chance to allign it during the day. I will do that tomorrow. Eventually I know it will all fall into place.
  11. Well things are looking up again. I didn't have to call Celestron after all. My PC was not extracting the CFM file when I thought it had been done. It took a long time to figure it out. I was able to look at the moon this morning. Today if I have time i will attempt to allign the finderscope with the telescope. Things should be looking now. My apologies for all the previous negative comments.
  12. Did you ever get this problem fixed? I ask because I am having the same problem with a different Celestron telescope.
  13. Received the adaptor today from Celestron. Nevertheless just to add to my frustration I receive the error message "a java exception has occurred" when attempting to open "executable jar file" for the program "cfm_1.7". This is the program used to unlock the handset. I will have to call Celestron support again tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be another week of wait for another part that is needed. This telescope is turning out to be a "big bust".
  14. The main reason I bought this telescope was that it was listed under beginner telescopes and it had the most growth potential of all the beginner telescopes that I was researching. Celestron revamped their website. In doing so they moved this telescope from the beginner lever to the intermediate level. Thanks a bunch Celestron.
  15. Hello Again Fellow Stargazers, My frustration continues. Since I am not able to use the telescope because of cloudy skies here in Minnesota, I decided to practice taking the telescope kit apart and putting it back together. Well when the telescope kit was put back together and the GoTo unit is turned on, I now receive the message, “Bootloader invalid package 0080”. Celestron customer support will have to send me an adapter to unlock the handset. The wire included with the kit at the time of purchase has a port connection that can not be connected to a PC. Celestron knows this but does not include this adapter in the original purchase. I'll have to wait for this adapter to show up before I attempt to unlock the handset.
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