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  1. Second entry- AR 2674 in white light & thin cloud. 02/09/17 william Optics 72mm Baader Herschel wedge. Dmk21 camera. 600 frames stacked in Autostakkert and processed in Lightroom.
  2. Solar image competition- AR 2674 02/09/17 PST double stack Dmk21 - Baader x2.5 Barlow @ 600 frames stacked in Autostakkert and processed in Lightroom. This was my first detailed"is" ha picture I've taken so I was quite pleased with how it came out. My processing skills are not top notch but we're getting there?
  3. Good evening all. Could I ask for some advice please. ive booked a week in Tenerife in December. i want to take my canon 5dmk3 and a couple of lenses plus my astrotrac. i have one evening booked guided photography sessions up mount Teide. The rest of the evenings will I expect be lower down near where we will be staying at Los Chritianos So plenty of light pollution I expect? so my question is would a clip in light pollution filter by Astronomik help with cutting the possible light pollution. If you have used one please could you give me your opinion on how well
  4. Need a lot more gravy on that to make it all float around?
  5. Hi not sure as it just specific max overall weight lows cd. It does not split it between the two? should there be a difference?
  6. Good morning all. Some general advice if you would. I have recently obtained a William Optics Megrez 90mm (1st edition) refractor. For visual stuff it's been brilliant and I'm very pleased with it. I would now like to do some astrophotography with it by attaching my dslr. My local astronomy shop has offered me an Ioptron ZEQ25 mount for a very reasonable price from the showroom price. This is due to the newer model coming out very soon the CEM25q. Has anyone had experience of the ZEQ25 and will it fit my needs for astrophotography with the William Optics scop
  7. Hi. I'm looking to buy a pair if the Helios 20x110's Had a go with the 25x10"'s but I would like a larger exit pupil which the 110's have (5.5mm) Would yo ease give me our views on them ? Thanks Dino
  8. Hi all, apart from 'my being new post' this is my real first post. Unfortunately its a cry for advice/ help / suggestions!! Last week I bought a new Astrotrac AG from a reputable retailer in the north. Ive set the astrotrac up on a tripod and placed the camera on as you do. It's only a lumix gh3 so its nowhere near the max load weight. I tested the astrotrac in doors just to see how close the two hour run time was against a timer. Spot on with in 4 seconds before the astrotrac stopped. Pretty good I thought! I then pressed the rewind to base button and it started to rewind, it sounded a litt
  9. Cheers all for the big fat welcome!! )
  10. That'll create a bottle neck in orders!
  11. Hi all, just arrived to SGL. Viewed it several times over the last year but decided now to join. I've only taken up astronomy via a telescope over the last couple of years, although I've been interested all my life. I'm also a avid photographer with no real domain, just all aspects. I've just bought an astrotrac so this is something I'm really starting to get in to! I've also started to get in to solar astronomy to, So over the last couple of years I've spent a ton on gear to try to fulfil my ambitions of well, just looking up! Started with ( they say work flow, ill call it buy flow )... Mead
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