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  1. Nice image bud, It will be a while before i can capture images like that.
  2. Hi HighlandBoy Welcome to SGL
  3. Hi Dave Welcome to SGL. Keep the ferrets at bay this time
  4. Its not a cheep hobby at all. The wife does not know how much I have spent nor will she. Addictive
  5. Hi Stev Welcome to SGL. I will be in Malta at the end of June (again - every year for holidays, love it over there). Is there an Astro club in Malta ? You must have pretty good dark skies as well.
  6. Hi Welcome to SGL, happy hunting
  7. Thanks for the info guys Wide fields of view with a 35mm sound good, Emad - £1000 for an EP ! my wife would have a shallow grave dug before it arrived in the post. Again thanks for the direction
  8. Hi John I have the EQ5 Mount (1000mm) and I would like to see a broader expanse of sky as I have reached the x400 max with the 2.5mm lens
  9. Hi, Very new to this so I have a quick question about lenses - I have a 2.5mm UWA / Super 10mm & 25mm but I'm looking for some thing with a bigger view. So the question is what is the largest mm i can use on a Skywatcher 200p ? .
  10. Hi Martin I have had Stellarium on my PC for sometime now as my son (4.5) is totally facinated with the stars / planets. So now he can see them for real. It is a great piece of software. He has not seen through the eye piece yet as it's been a wee bit cloudy, but he nearly wet him self when i set it up in the kitchen, defo more excited than my wife, comments along the line of " It's like the f#@$ing hubble telescope in my kitchen" lol, she will come round soon enough i hope.
  11. Hi I would just like to introduce myself as a new member. The closest I have come to searching the skys above was in my early teens, snorkel jacket on and a cheep pair of binoculars (snorkel jacket gives away how long ago that was) until this week. I have just purchased a SW 200p with EQ5 mount. Now i can see me spending a lot of money on this as last night I set up the scope for the first time and spent all night tracking Jupiter & her moons, WOW you can look at pretty pictures on the web but seeing it for real is something else. I look forward to the general chit chat and the advise that all you folks have in plenty. Thanks
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