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  1. Have managed to sort out the colour better in this one. Totally new to Photoshop elements!
  2. 15 March 2016 8:29pm Canon EOS 450d Prime Focus Skywatcher 250PX 1/125 ISO400 Mare Sereniatis
  3. I have tried to create a set of Flat Frames using a white pillow-case and a lamp with an energy saver bulb. The result is a curious shade of green! I suspect I have been a numpty, presumably I need either a full spectum light source or sunlight. Advice welcome Paul
  4. Can anyone suggest where I could purchase this software and book? If it is no longer available can you suggest an alternative?
  5. Many thanks Michael, tthe chart I used had the same sequence and if I have correctly identified Z UMa and reference star E I thought they were identical. If skies are clear tonight I will use your chart and have another go. Best wishes Paul
  6. I have been trying to identify Z UMa and to make an estimate. At 2000 hrs tonight I think I have managed to do this and my estimate was 8.4, if it was the correct star. Could anyone advise me if this estimate is around the expected value? Many thanks Paul
  7. What would you suggest as a focuser upgrade from the one supplied? Birthday is coming up and want tonstart dropping hints! Paul
  8. A very nice job. I am beginning to think I am in the land of Mordor! I haven't been able to see the night sky in weeks with these pesky clouds.
  9. "Stellarium is go!" Thanks boastra, followed your scheme and Stellarium is now running on my Toshiba Satellite Pro.
  10. Sounds like one of my "senior moments".
  11. Awesome images, well done!
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