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  1. Thank you, Neil. Vice versa 😁
  2. Just processed a brief photo of 67P taken from same garden 2 hours later after my observation and comparing with my sketch. There is a tail. Phew! And it looks that my eyes are still performing okay. Relief 😅
  3. Thank you for coming back to me. I wanted to look at Lenard C/2021 A1 last night but it was too low down. By the time the comet was up enough to see it the cloud covered the sky completely. I will keep looking for the clear gaps in the skies to observe more comets, including Lenard A1 and 4P/Faye. I hope to come back here with more info on observing those comets. Also, looking forward to hearing more from your observation sessions.
  4. Hi Neil, Thank you for your report. Observed 67P tonight with my 10”. It is quite bright, now, even under light polluted skies. I suspected a tail. It would be nice to know if you see any tail. I know that you have excellent observing skills. Looking forward to hear from you, Tatyana
  5. Helix

    Part of Milky Way

    Stunning picture
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