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  1. Hi, I am checking my eyepieces and I have 3 full cases of them so I decided to cut down a bit and fund my new projects I am selling TV 7 mm Nagler smooth side, Japan: £125 postage included. Sold. Optically in perfect condition. Boxed. It has both end caps but I doubt they are original. TV 3x Barlow in VGC: £ 70 postage included. Capped and Boxed , but the box is not in a perfect shape Thank you for watching
  2. .....and with 24" dob you are not observing the galaxy anymore. You are observing HII regions.........
  3. One of the best nights for me was in Beddgelert, Wales. M101 was so prominent in a TeleVue 4" refractor. I think Wales is getting my favorite place for observing. Climbing during the day and observing at night. What else could I wish in my life when it is not raining?
  4. A month ago I observed M 101 in 4" TeleVue refractor in Wales from a very dark site in Beddgelert. It was fantastic! The spiral structure of the galaxy was obvious. Seeing and transparency were excellent. So weather condition and dark sites can make huge difference. This target is easy and full of details in 10" when transparency is good and in 20", 24" this galaxy showes many minuscule details. I observed it many times from Norfolk and this target worth to persevere with. I am sure you will see it soon. All the best ??
  5. Superb report, Chris. 102 in one night with 76 Tak manually.... No words. It definately requires skills, patience and enthusiasm.
  6. Well, while you were bragging all night about your observing and making me jealous ???? I was observing double stars with my limited aperture russian Mak-Cass 95 mm through the hazy skies. And now we have clouds! ? Well! I wish you all the best there, Chris. I hope you can top up your list. I can't wait for more reports ? See you at Seething.
  7. Well done, Chris. Waiting for full report now. I heard also you managed to observe more than 100 Messier objects! I am moving to France. Fed up with English weather.
  8. Yes, it is, as far as I remember. Problem is that I change eyepieces ever so often that sometimes I forget what eyepiece i am observing with. I think this one is with 5mm Pentax as mentioned on the image.
  9. I forgot to say that I obviously see more stars in the field of view than on my sketch.
  10. I completely agree on this one, Gerry. It helps me to train my eyes detecting faint nebulosity without filters. I noticed that I can see some really faint stuff now, including background nebulosity. I also like pure unfiltered views at times, especially in low power.
  11. I do not want too be too clever, if honest, but cannot stay away ? PN, SNR, all sorts of nebulae are my favourite objects to observe. Just to mention Oyster. Beautiful PN and the central star is around 14 mag so it should be visible in your 12" but try it without filter for the central and you can catch the glimpse of it quiet nicely. Just personal opinion. It was seen in 10". And Jellyfish in my 10" shows 2 cresent parts with UHC/Oiii and 20 XW and even some extensions. I think you may saw one of those. The fainter cresent is near η Geminai on the Eside and brighter cresent is on the W. I can spot some filaments and irregularities. But I am not surprised that some observers can be lost there. There is IC 444, large and extended Nebula with plenty of structure. Both nebulae linked together and so easy to sidetrack. Once you are around ηGem it is getting easier to decipher what is what. I personally prefer UHC. It brings some nebulosity out and does not dim the background as OIII.
  12. Good collection of objects, Iain. Thanks for sharing your excellent report with us. I agree that Medusa was faint that night, at least in my 10". I am just comparing my previous observations when it can be bright and structured. Jellyfish was outstanding though and few other nebulae nearby. Thanks to good transparency and seeing. Carry on inspiring us!
  13. Hi Gerry and Iain, Thanks for advice ?. We should try Chris' 20 mm Plossl. We already tried 20 mm Pentax and 24 Panoptic, though, on my both scopes: 10 and 20" dobs. It gives me around 5 EP. We also used 2 different filters: Hβ and UHC. Chris can see IC 343 now which I think is progress. I am sure he will see Barnards 33, too. The weather lately was not good and Orion is still down and not high enough to observe HH. Here in England we have humid around 95% at the moment. Chris is a keen observer and manages to find pretty faint stuff in his 3" tak so I have not got any doubts he will see and that one?. When he will see it you will definately hear the cry of excitement even in Newcastle and Canada ?
  14. I could not see even the road on my way back due to thick fog but you, Chris, have not hesitated to give a go to the HH. I am sure with your observing skills and persistence you will see it pretty soon. I do not know how you could manage to find M74 with its low surface brightness at that kind of weather conditions. So heads up...
  15. I think she used XW 30 mm Pentax and Hβ Astronomik which gives her EP 8.5 ?, FOV 1.15?, x60 in FL 1802 of 510 mm of aperture with f 3.53 ?? And I am sure she advised her friend to keep Alnitak out of field of view to see that ????????????? ????
  16. I am still working on California. I observed it several times but I'm waiting for it 'to bright up' a bit otherwise just a gray patch with minor structure at the moment. Well done. Happy to hear there is some potential for this one.
  17. Hey Jetstream, You are setting far too high standards for rest of us ? Where is my 6"? ?
  18. Hi Peter, A few years back we had a crispy winter night in Norfolk. I was a newbie as an observer but I knew what I was going to observe. Nebulae! Having a pocket sky atlas I pointed my finger at Simeis 147 after my immediate success with HH. I even did not suspect how hard it is. I managed to see a few nearly invisible filaments and I thought I failed. When I came back home and made my research I realised that I did not fail but opposite to it. I posted my success with HH on a forum but I did not want to mention Simeis 147 as I knew no one in our local group did not see it and I was criticised staright away for making up stories as HH is impossible to see with 10" and especially if you are a newbie. It was good I did not mention 147. Then I decided to be careful with what I post. I've seen same parts of it but I will look again next time if weather will permit and let you know what and where I see if I see Thank you for new targets. I like challenge but even my eyes have limits Would be nice to hear from you if you manage to observe Eridanus Loop etc. all the best
  19. Gerry, many thanks. I would love to hear from you as you set high standards of nebulae observing. Even Merope in your last report sounds like I never observed it before All the best this weekend.
  20. Hi Peter, Thank you for your comment and it was you who advised me to look at Eridanus Loop a while ago. I am grateful for that. I would say that widest part I've seen was around 1.5-2 degrees. My eyepiece gives me 1.15 degree and I had to move it to see 'normal' background compare to faint nebulous area. As I like observing mostly nebulae my eyes trained to see faint streaks of nebulosity. What is easy for me is not easy for all of us. Some people who I observe with cannot see what I see and only one person can confirm my observations . The edges are not well defined. They are washed out. There is a lack of contrast, too. It is slighltly brighter than IC 434 if you know what I mean. Sh2-264 was observed by me last winter including some double stars in one of my favourite clusters Collinder 69 or I call it now Motobike cluster. It was beautiful combination of the cluster, doubles and nebula. I spend a few good hours studying it.
  21. I am really enjoying reading your reports, Gerry.
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