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  1. i'd like to bring the pink nebulas out more, but my processing skill doesn't run to that yet.
  2. I use a Canon 1100d also and had trouble with flats until recently. The answer for me was to sit the telescope a foot or so away from a white tv screen with a white shirt stretched tightly over the end and simply use the AV function. There are many ways to take flats but this is what worked for me. Many people use daylight but if the white screen works for you it will save having to do them the day after.
  3. Well done that's a nice capture
  4. Oops seems i must upload instead of posting link?
  5. Hi this is my 1st guided image (when i say i, i generally mean myself and my dad). I used the NEQ6/200P/Canon 1100d astro modified for capturing the data and used a ST80/SPC900nc for guiding. Subs were all over the place with ISO/exposure as i'm currently trying to work out my light pollution limits (i know now i can manage a little more). Everything from 20mins at ISO100 to 3 minutes at ISO800, most taken at ISO 400, 30 flats were used. Overall there is around 2.5hrs of data. Taken on the night of the 4th March 2014 . http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr316/oneloft/Astronomy/JohnsM51.
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