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    I'm just starting to dabble in astrophotography :)
    Other interests include : photography & motorbikes
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    Scarborough, UK
  1. Is the publishing of the source code still a possibility? I've not had a great deal of luck myself yet - I should really have made use of the light nights to read up on Arduino coding!
  2. Hmmm...yeah, I like the idea of a single pushbutton encoder. I've got one on order, so will attempt to bodge some code when it arrives
  3. I've read through just about all of the threads relating to Arduino based focusers and building one is definitely something I'm going to have a go at. A 'version' I haven't seen yet is one using rotary encoders...so I'm guessing there's probably a reason for it! But here goes... My idea was to use 2 rotary encoders to control the stepper. One encoder for coarse focusing and the other one for fine adjustment. Something like this : In theory the coarse encoder would move the stepper a larger number of steps and the fine one would be single (or half) step. I did toy with the idea of using poten
  4. Welcome along to the lounge
  5. Hi Chris, Welcome along Hmmm... It's a software hack/addon for newer Canon DSLR cameras. Very cool by all accounts.
  6. Andy_K

    Hi everybody

    Just a quick addition... I just loaded Stellarium up, set it to your approximate location (facing East) and it looks like it was Mars that you saw
  7. Andy_K

    Hi everybody

    Hi and welcome along I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to tell you what the object was...but just in case... Download Stellarium from here : http://stellarium.org/ (It's free!!) Then 'tell' it where you were (Press <F6> for the location window) , change it's date and time to when you were viewing (Press <F5>) and you should be able to see what it was.
  8. Are you sure that the sensor of the camera is 100% clean?
  9. Hi and welcome from North Yorkshire
  10. Welcome along It's not that much better further down... Sunny Scarborough certainly isn't living up to its name!
  11. You had a lucky escape! When my wife was younger, while on a family holiday, they went for a walk in the forest. One of the 'delightful' forest residents bit her on a rather sensitive part of her body! It didn't put her off horses though, a few years later she went on to win various competitions on her uncle's horse.
  12. Hi Steve, Welcome along
  13. Hi and welcome to the lounge
  14. Andy_K


    Hi and welcome along to the lounge, you'll certainly find a vast wealth of information here!
  15. Welcome along Mull certainly does sound ideal for viewing! I've got a week booked on Skye unfortunately in the middle of July so it won't get properly dark :/ But I'll be taking something up there with me, just in case
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