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  1. Do I need anything else to grab the different colors in the ring nebula? Or will the stacking take care of that?
  2. My first attempt went too poorly to post the results. However, out of that attempt I learned the difference between alignment for visual observing and the accuracy needed for photography! So here are my thoughts and results from the second attempt. 1. Celestron EdgeHD 8 with a Canon T3i attached with t-adapter. 2. used wired remote shutter switch Also in an unrelated attempt I got a decent full moon shot that I stitched together the weekend before. My thoughts: 1. shutter release - need to get this attached to eliminate the jitter or get something wireless 2. stacking!! yeah, need to do this, dark and flat frames too! Opinions and criticisms welcome and needed!
  3. I really like the out of focus tip! My problem is I have to pick the stars I can see and know, there is a college about 1/2mi from my house to the north, so i really only get a southern view till about early morning. But yeah, the 2 star align stars it was auto choosing for me were alot further apart and were not visible or blocked by buildings. So I guess what I did is decent since it gets me close, cant wait to see how it works when I can get to a darker more open spot.
  4. For Jupiter I was using 17mm that night. Makes sense about the path of the planets, I will have to try out something like m42 since I know where that is real well and see how that goes. But I guess in general, how close to perfect center would it get? Would it be better with stars further apart and possibly more calibration stars instead of planets?
  5. So just how good can you get the alignment? I am new and want to gauge my progress. My best attempt was a two star align with sirius and betelgeuse... very bad light polution and i dont totally know my stars yet... I tell it to find Jupiter, it is just off outside the EP, so I add Jupiter as a calibration point, move away and back... not centered but in the EP Are the two southern stars too close to get more accurate? Does it get better than that?
  6. I recently did the same thing. Just wait till it arives... it is a awesome instrument! Here are some things i went trough: 1. The mount is heavy, 20lb tripod, 40lb mount, but the scop is light. Setup inside a couple times before you drag it all outside. 2. Face it north, gps, date, time...the remote is weird to use, but you'll get used to it. Quick align and you can use directional pad to search around at first. 3. Even poor seeing is awesome.. moon, jupiter, saturn, m42 are easy to find 4. No moon filter, wear sun glasses 5. Visual first, photos attempts will be a while Sounds like your good, keep reading and ask here and its fun.
  7. yeah, seeing was a 3 or 4 that night on my skychart. But I went out and sat there from 7pm on. Most of the time it was the usual faint red lines. Not really sure how, but for about 15min I saw it really clear. The two big red lines had two fainter red lines closer to the polls and i caught this swirl near the edge in on of the big lines. Maybe the higher angle in the sky or a patch of clear sky rolled in... what ever happened totally sold me on the whole idea that the longer you look and relax the more luck you will have! Also just found out that I am about 2 hours from cherry springs state park!!
  8. Then maybe it wasn't the GRS... What I saw was about 8:30-8:45 PM Mar 7th. That site puts it at 10 PM minus 50 min would be 9PM... so unless there is more wiggle room in there it must have been something else, definitely a swirling spot of some kind and definitely very cool.
  9. Philip, I am running Distro Astro 2.0 on a Compaq mini. I have opened those apps I have not noticed anything strange, but then again I have mostly stuck to KStars. So off the top of my head its a video driver problem. One thing I did have to do was to enable the non-free drivers in the additional drivers utility, which is something I usually do first thing....
  10. I was able to get out friday night (mar 7) for about three hours. Way more than the usual hour before I started getting numb. I had was able to see what I think was the GRS, but all the info I could find seems to mention the Jovian ii longitude. So for March it is 208 deg... not sure how that relates without some kind of reference to here?? With my 8" and a 17mm EP with 2x barlow It appeared to be about a 1/4"-1/2" in size, and the longer I viewed the clearer things became. At one point in the large top rust colored belt to the left edge (probably the right because of my mirrored VB) was definitely a swirl that was almost the size of the belt. Also the first time I had a chair out, will need go without one again!! So, did I get it right, or was it just something else I saw?
  11. Oh, nm, must have had a filter on... as a programmer i should have known better
  12. Kewl, i did a search fo cosmos and found nothing.. wonder why?
  13. Just saw a commercial about this show that is starting on this Sunday. Figured I would mention it because it looks real good. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2395695/
  14. A seat!! Get one of those first. Also, when I was looking at the moon without a filter... i threw my sunglasses on, cuz I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can .... sorry
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