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  1. Hi, thank you, it's been around 6 month since I sold the mount, lost all contact with the guy who bought it now, but he never said anything after the sale.. still having the starsense attached to my 8se haven't needed the nexstar controller .. until now, as I bought a cpc 8inch should have been 11inch , long story, so wanted to sell the 8se but with the original controller , so that's when I realised I'd sold the old mount with the 8se controller, ( not going well for me !)
  2. Hi, to cut a long story short, I have a nexstar+ hand controller which is for an advanced gt mount, my telescope is an nexstar 8se, when I sold my advance got mount I sold it with the wrong hand controller, does this matter? Is there any way I can put the nexstar 8se firmware on my advance gt controller, or do I have to buy a new one for my 8se telescope, im so confused, ,many thanks
  3. Iv realised its the advanced GT I'm not sure if that makes any difference
  4. Many thanks for your replies , I have auto guide ports on both mounts , what is this for, if the CG tracks stars why would this be needed. Sorry if I'm sounding simple
  5. I have an 8se with the tripod that came with it, but a couple of month ago I bought a preowned celestron cg-5-GT , as i thought it tracked stars with dslr ( yeah that's what I thought, how daft) Now iv not set up the cg-5-GT yet, and wondering if iv dropped a clanger , and maybe I should sell it as it's the same but older and more complicated version of the SE mount. Please help! Many thanks !
  6. what would be a good buy , or any other alternative to track thanks
  7. hi, iwas wondering if orange streetlamps are affecting the stsrsense , thanks
  8. wonders too. iv misplaced my installation disc ,is there anywhere i can download it, thanks !
  9. live at carnaby , i wonder if theyve any stock in brid, although iv got a feeling its gonna be driffield
  10. what other eyepiece is on par with the baader aspheric 31mm or 36mm? thanks for your replies
  11. sorry to bring up an old post , im also seriously considering the baader aspheric 31mm or 36mm, I have the 8se, would this be any of these be any good for my scope? thanks
  12. But when I go to check sources on the menu bit , it's acknowledged the gps unit with the tick next to it thought it saved me putting all the times and stuff in? Because before , it still had the date / time etc from the last time if took it out
  13. After all my drama's it's working great Doesn't take me to the exact spot /pinpoint , should it? But after manually moving it I manage to find what I think it's taking me to This is where I need to purchase turn left at Orion isn't it
  14. hi singlin, thank you for your reply, how do i change the exposure to 30seconds in this nikon , i dont think theres a bulb mode on nikon
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